Monday, October 18, 2010


As much as blogging has become a part of my daily routines and joys, and my blog friends are an immense source of inspiration, spiritual fellowship and interpersonal love and understanding, I have to put myself on sick leave for a while.
I've had as a principle that I at least should answer and keep in touch with the ones that bothered to visit and comment on my blog.
Lately I haven't been able to do that, and that makes me feel so shameful.
I have been struggling with this chronic fatigue syndrome for two decades, lots of broken bones due to osteoporosis, arthritis and now also gastritis.
I am blessed to live in Norway. I have appointment with our family doctor once a month, physiotherapist once a week, and I go hiking and swimming also a least once a week to keep this old machinery running.
I have family, a few, but dear friends and best of all husband Gunnar and Serina who care about me, and vice versa.
Thanks to Teach Mary and Gunnar I also have reached a new level of enjoying photographing.
To me blogging has been about sharing, preferably of the good things in life. Thinking about my blog friends make me feel rich, happy and conscious about values and interests beyond my own sphere.
I will in random order thank Terry, Amrita, Mrs. Mac, Saija, Lidj, Crown of Beauty, Trish, Debbie, Sonja, Carol Ann, passing thru Bob, John C, Jim, Teach Mary, Leora, Robin from Israel, Pilgrim father David, Annie, Julie LBM, Constance, Pat, Diane, Cheryl, Deb, Maria Stahl, The Montreal Sisters, Colleen, Kris, E G Wow (who taught me to enlarge photos), Carletta, ilandavita, Nora Johnsen, reg, jel,
Ralph and Patti and Raven. You have all put so much wisdom into my life, broadened my horizon and opened my heart.
I will be back. I simply cannot be without you.Please bear over with me and say a prayer if you feel like.

Treasures from summer and fall 2010. They are neither photo-shopped nor enlarged, but you can double click to see more details.
A walk in the forest last Sunday.

Sundown in October. The lighthouse of Haugesund, called Tonjer Fyr, used to have two guardsmen working on shift. Now they being are computer supervised.

Each fall there's Friday swimming by candlelight in the public swimming pool. Ice water, fruit, candles and soft music with admission for adults only. We are five friends who love spending two relaxing hours there.

Gunnar and I just have to visit the old church on the Karmoy island now and then, a perfect place for sundown shots.

Our dear aunt Lilly also lies at the church yard nearby. She was a special dear relative and friend to all of us. Paying her grave a visit is comforting. This summer I have lost two of my "prayer children" and one dear friend from early childhood. Kirsten was in particular a hard blow. I am still shook by her too early departure.

Gunnar hiking in rough weather. Can't you see he's related to many viking chiefs?

Hiking in the mountains surrounding our town just one week ago.

Heinrich Heine's beautiful poem "Auf dem Brocken" should be accompanying this photo.
Heller wird es schon im Osten
Durch der Sonne kleines Glimmen,
Weit und breit die Bergesgipfel
In dem Nebelmeere schwimmen.
Hätt ich Siebenmeilenstiefel,
Lief ich, mit der Hast des Windes,
Über jene Bergesgipfel,
Nach dem Haus des lieben Kindes.
Von dem Bettchen, wo sie schlummert,
Zög ich leise die Gardinen,
Leise küßt ich ihre Stirne,
Leise ihres Munds Rubinen.
Und noch leiser wollt ich flüstern
In die kleinen Lilienohren:
Denk im Traum, daß wir uns lieben,
Und daß wir uns nie verloren.

The trail leads through thick woodland.

After sundown, still in October.

Overlooking the Bay of Whales.

Tonjer lighthouse in golden fairytale light.

Am car exhibition. I've watched the movie Convoy numerous times. Imagine how I'd love sitting behind the steering wheels of this machine.

My mother is busy in her garden, cleaning her house every Saturday and making dinner everyday. Can't you see how she's full of joi de vivre?

Our October Garden, preaching fall.

Salvation Army's second hand shop.I love spending time and money there. Recycling and money for a good cause.

Gunnar are only interested in buying books.

The garden in September, while one still could have a nice cuppa outdoors.

My mother was both happy and surprised when a card from Terry and Bernie found way to her house.

Beating my Mom in Chinese checkers after midnight.

Excalibur at the am car exhibition.

This Cadillac got my vote.

Tractor eggs from Jaeren.

Painfully realistic art exhibition. Names of murdered girls in North Mexico.
One was encouraged to embroider one of the names of the anonymous female victims.

Sundown by Olberg sea.

Olberg harbor.

A Catapillar of American size crossing the road.

Ryvarden lighthouse in September.

Lunch by Ryvarden, eating Norway's # one outdoor chocolate bar.

Ryvarden has been converted to a so called "culture lighthouse". Here we attended the launching of a new book about Norway and Iceland.
Gunnar brought an elder biography about his great aunt Bjorg, written by the Icelandic ambassador. They had met nine years ago in Iceland and were happy to reunite. He of course asked her to sign the book.

This summer my stomach have been acting severely up. This shrimp baguette brought me into lots of trouble. I love sea food, so it felt like a major setback.
Gunnar, on the other hand, is enjoying his food, and hopefully will become even better after seeing a famous Egyptian stomach specialist.

Serina, soaking wet, after dancing a wild Indian rain dance on the terrace.
"We don't have rain like this where I study," she proclaimed.

Idyllic Skipper street in old Skudesnes on the island.

Serina while free climbing the mountains of the park to reach the Moon stone.

Thought Mrs. Mac might like to see a knitted ad pole for Norwegian handicraft.
The finest rose area of the district.

People actually still live in these picturesque houses.

Look, how the house is built to adjust to the street.

Thought of Jim's Adi.

My mother's still making the best waffles, but Serina is giving her competition.

She can also act naughty when she feels I am being too fuzzy with my camera.

Mom with her Sunday hobby, word puzzles.
She will never do any "work" on a Sunday and dislikes me even knitting on a holiday.

The most precious love of my life, Sernia.


Terry said...

dearest friend felisol...i will have to come back to look at this wonderful post as betty and i are heading to hamilton in ten minutes for her sons appointments.

felisol, i did want to tell you thought that yesterday i showed dad golden the special post that his "norway" made for him and he read the verses.
bernie, every so often through out the door takes his gtr whatever they call it!..out of his pocket and tells me..."well it is 5:30 pm in norway"[or whatever other time depending on when he looks}
do you realize miss how much we consider you and gunnar and serina and your mom and much a part of the golden family!

please rest and all of these friends that you mentioned here and all of the sisters will wait on the side, praying for you and loving you even more! terry and bernie and mom and dad golden.!! said...

I have MISSED you Felisol!! I just love coming to THE FAR SIDE OF THE SEA. I am dwelling on your photos, and I always love spending time looking at them.

You are in my prayers, from now on, every day! You are my precious Norwegian friend, and if I come back to Norway... I WILL see Felisol!!

By the way... Serina is a little Norwegian beauty!

Love you, praying for you to feel better!!



Saija said...

your pictures and sharing are always so so lovely ... !!!!

and re your "sicke leave" - no apologies!!!!! ... REST ... i have been thinking of taking a "break" too from blogging - but for now, will still hang in for a wee bit ... you are a precious precious lady! (hugs)

Debbie Petras said...

Felisol, I'm sorry to read that you've continued to not feel well. I will be praying for you. You are always such an encouraging friend to me. I love it every time you stop by Heart Choices. You always take such time and care in writing to me. And I love that about you!

Serena is a beautiful girl. And Gunnar, yes he must be related to Viking chiefs. :) Your mother's waffles look very good. Norwegian waffles are something I LOVE to make and especially to eat and enjoy.

Your photos are lovely. I love to get to travel all over the world as I now have friends all over the world, including you!

I pray that you're not gone for too long on sick leave but know that we are here for you. I will be praying my friend.

Love you,

Liz said...

Beautiful photos.

Please take a rest and get well soon. We'll all be praying for you.

My Ruby Links:
Moms... Check Nyo

Kim, USA said...

Hello never mind that you can't visit us, what matters most is that you take a good rest and remember we always pray for your speedy recovery. Happy Monday!

John Cowart said...

Hi Felisol,
This is your best photo posting yet. You keep getting better and better.

I hope your break restores you, spirit and body. I will miss your always helpful input in comments. You have been a great blessing to my family in many ways.

John Cowart

Colleen said...

Dear Felisol, I will miss you so much. You have no idea how much strength and wisdom I've taken away from this blog whenever I read it! I believe though too that you have to take good care of yourself and pray that you are rested and restored quickly! You are a light in the lives of so many people and I always, always love stopping by here and also love your thoughtful comments...Please take care and know that you will be missed and welcomed back when you are ready with open arms!
God bless you!

P.S. That Salvation Army looks wonderful...I also love Fretex and scrounging around for treasures.:)

Terry said...

dear felisol..sorry about the spelling..i should have said that bernie is always checking his GPS throughout the DAY to see what time it is in norway.right now it is eleven o'clock in norway and almost seven here in ontario canada!
i just got back from hamilton and i will be back here terry

felisol..i left a song for you over at my blog this is especially for my bestest friend!XXXX

Crown of Beauty said...

Praying for you, dearest Felisol.

You have left us with plenty to keep going back to.

You are a treasure. I'm glad God let me discover you.


Leora said...

Dear Felisol, I put you in my Google Reader, so whenever you feel like even a short little post, I can connect with you. You are such a tender person! We care about you, and I hope you will find ways to heal. And to (continue to) enjoy each day, as you seem to do in your posts.

Amrita said...

Dear Felisol, such a delightful array of photos you have laid out. All of you look gorgeous.

Viking Gunnar,

Playful Mama

Hip Felisol

and the true rose Serina.

You just concentrate on getting well, even as we are praying for you.

Take rest an d eat lots of strenghtening food. Enjoy the sun before the winter cold. Soaking Vitamin D from the sun is a natural healer.

Sending best wishe s to you.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Hi Felisol, my heart and prayer is with you. May the Lord strengthen your faith and grant you a good health, heal you from sufferings.



Carol Joy said...

Felisol, you are right up there with the cram of the croppers! And you are on the top of our Norway "to see" list when Sonja and I go with our "third sister" Debbie....(smile!)....
You will be missed greatly (and I'm not even a true blogger for pete sakes!....just reap the benefits from my sister Sonja's "Bits and Pieces" commenters like YOU!!!) Thank you for being so real and relatable! Your honest heart is beautiful and we all gain so much from it. Most importantly you will be prayed for from so many of us out here. I know we will be keeping in touch down the line SOMEhow!
With love from your Norwegian friend,
Carol Joy

reg said...

Felisol, wow nice post, I so enjoyed. Like your self I have had little time for my Blog as of late especially the Mondays in order to get one out for Ruby Tuesday. If I manage to post, I have no time to look at or read other people Blogs. I know how you feel. I do try to look at them all, as they are all so individual and mostly interesting.
Any way I hope all is well with you and your family and God Bless

O by the way I enjoyed the one comment about your Husband and Viking Gunner... I hope he was a Farmer Viking and not a Military Viking, those dudes were scary!!!!!!! said...

I had to come back one more time and look again at your pictures. I forgot to mention how cute I think your mother is. She is 'perky' and fun! And... I was mesmerized when I saw her Norwegian waffles, just like my mother used to make with that heavy cast iron heart shaped waffle maker. Oh how I wish I had some right this minute!! :)

Praying for you my friend.


Jim said...

May God continue to bless you, Felisol! We all love you and do sincerely pray for you and your family.

Thank you for all your caring. Please come read on my blog any time and please don't feel obligated to comment. (I may notice you've come by peeking at my SiteMeter. That is wonderful when you can.)

I will keep on checking your blog too. There just might be a glimmer here and there even though you are 'on leave.'

I loved this post. It is long and I know hard work for you. My favorite picture is the Semi. I rode up with my sister, Lois, and hubby and am in Iowa tonight for a week. As we passed a pretty 18-wheeler I commented that driving one of those beauties was no longer any place on my horizon.
Of course I said more too, about aging, about missed oportunities, about ...

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

What a comprehensive blog. These photos would have lasted me a month.

How often do you and your mum play Chinese Checkers at midnight?

I would say, you are on holiday, not a sick leave. Enjoy your break because blogging should be fun and not a chore.

Unknown said...

That is a long time to live with pain. I will send healing thoughts.

I enjoyed your photos in this post very much. This long series was so delightful. You have so much in your life that is wonderful.

Looking forward to seeing you back.


Debbie Petras said...

One more comment to you dear Felisol. Sonja, Carol Joy and I feel like we are Norwegian sisters. And the three of us love you! So please know that you are loved and prayed for by your American sisters.

Love you,

jel said...

will miss ya too!

very cool shot ya got here,

Dh and I would get along with Gunnar, cause we love Books too!


Jim said...

How ya doin, Pal? I dropped in to check in on you. I hope things are looking up for you.

Also I think I am following your trail a little. Mr. Mac, then Terry, so I came here.

We passed a 'pumpkin field' (Mrs. Mac's Blog) in Iowa where I've been for the last week. My family has always called them 'pumpkin patches.' I think Linus in Snoopy Comics does also. :)
.. said...

I'm just hopping in cuz I'm thinking of you today, and praying for Felisol... for God's healing touch and for your encouragement of heart and mind my sweet friend!



Jim said...

Hi Felisol ~~ Hope you're doing better and better, getting to be fine very soon.

Thank you for the BDay wishes. They helped make my celebrating day even better. :)

Trish said...

My dear friend...I am just stopping by to check up on you. Pray all is well and that you are feeling stronger each day.
My computer has been down and am using my daughter Mandy's laptop...don't enjoy it much! Tomorrow, my Pc should be up and running and I will, once again be reading the sisers blogs on a regular basis.
Ahhh...I love your Norway.
Big hugs,
trish said...


I loved your recent comments on my blog!! LOVED them! Like you said... there are no coincidences with God...

How wonderful, the very man who is quoted on the book, and you heard him... yes, it's really a small world, even from far across the sea!!

You bless me with your words, every time.

I hope you are resting and having a time of healing. Praying for you!!



Terry said...

hi felisol on the far side of the sea!
guess what bernie and i saw in in our morning paper today?
this headline. "norway best place to live"
i can't write it all but this is a little of what the article said.
"oil rich norway remains the best country in the world to live in.
the assessment came in a so-called human developement ,a measure of well being published by the un develpement programs for the past 20 years that combines individual economic prosperity with education levels and life expectancy."

after norway is australia and new zealand...
on the bottom is zimbabwe
i don't know where canada and usa come in the list.!!!

keep getting your rest and healing dearest friend and come back to us.
i really miss terry

Mrs. Mac said...

Missing you much .. just wanted to pop over and see your beautiful photos of life in Norway and your lovely family once more. You must be headed into the dark period of the year with little sunlight hours. May God's light fill the darkness and brighten your days. Please give my regards to Gunnar, Serina .. and your dear sweet mama. Please take care and rest up. Lots more living to do :) said...

Felisol my friend:

I just had to come back even one more time to say I miss you! The comments you leave absolutely bless me to pieces!! The way you express things is so meaningful, and just warms my heart!! I hope you are doing better, just know that we miss you and pray all is well.

Big hugs from Texas.


Trish said...

Dear Frlisol...pray that you are feeling better. I miss your beautiful photography. Big Hugs!

Debbie Petras said...

Just a quick note to let you know you are missed Felisol. I hope you are feeling better.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

I had missed this post and am sorry to read about your health. Hope you do get better. Thanks for mentioning me.

Robin said...

What a wonderful post, I feel as if I were walking right beside you.

I'm sorry I haven't had the time to come around more lately, I've been working out of the house on a large project and it's definitely coming between me and my blogging time.

I hope this long winter season is one of healing and peace for you and that the spring then brings a renewed spirit and new energy.

My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

Terry said...

dear felisol..i never did come back to look at this post like i said i would and here i am now looking for some nice pictures for gunnar's birhtday and i see the picture of dear mom ljung with the post card...i am so happy that she liked it!
i will catch you later dearest golden told me to tell you something and i will terry