Monday, February 28, 2011


My brother Knut Erik/ aka Kel and I have been a wonderful eight days celebration of his 60th birthday in London.
There's only the two of us siblings, so we are pretty close, even though we only see each other in vacations.

First time we went abroad, back in 1969, we traveled together with a tramp-boat over the North Sea, and came to London via Flixburgh and Scarborough.
We went to the Norwegian Seaman's Church to get help finding accommodation and a adventurous time back then as well.

The picture on this blog is eight years old taken on our last visit to London. Later on we took Christmas cruises over to New Castle as "salary" for writing in a bridge magazine together.

Anyway, I was so eager to copy my photos from London over to my computer, that I managed to shipwreck the whole machine.
Now Gunnar is letting me use his old PC, but I will not be posting more, if not my new machine with all its "valuable " content cannot be repaired.
I give it a month. It's just too sad and annoying.

Oh, yes, I am the queen of self pity just now. So be it.


Crown of Beauty said...

Felisol, how I have missed you.

I have wondered how you are... so glad to know you had a great time with your brother in London. Oh, but I feel sorry for you too... did you lose the pictures?

As in any "death"... there's resurrection and hope.

Wishing you all the best.

Felisol said...

Dear Lidj,
I still have some pictures on my camera, but my digital collection may be gone.
something with upgrading Windows 7-
My next machine will definitely be a Mac..

I put my hope in resurrection too.
I absolutely cannot afford a new machine now.
My Toshiba was bought last autumn.

Anyway, my eight days spent in London with my brother was a blessing, and I feel blessed.

Nakamuras on Saipan said...

Oh NO! I surely understand how you must be feeling. We have become so dependent upon our "machines" haven't we! Funny- but for a long time I was backing everything up in "paper" but it became to cumbersome...and then my computer (at school) suddenly had amnesia...!! It's brain went completely dead! I wished then that I had not quit backing things up!!

I will pray that someone can fix the thing for you or at least get your information!

God Bless you!!

John Cowart said...

Dear Queen,

I with your many other readers join you in this hour of grief.

When Gunnar restores your computer, google the word or image "frustration"--virtually every search result has to do with computers!

I look forward to your return.


Terry said...

oh felisol..when you said you had crashed your computer, i never realized that you might have lost your pictures!...bernie says that if they are probably still in your hardrive and it may be possible to get them out..that is so too bad!!
i know the time i had video taped a wedding and bernie by mistake deleted it and then cleaned the disc!!..oh hurt pain and agony for sure!
glad that you and kel had a nice vacation though felisol..nothing can ever replace that, eh?..and nothing can replace the glad feelings you had when serina was waiting for you with her dad at the airport..what a surpise!
love terry said...

I am so sorry Felisol! I know how much self pity and frustration I have had with computer issues!! It drives me crazy sometimes to let this machine get the best of me.

I like the comments on resurrection... and I hope for that to happen with your photos. In the meantime, I am so glad you had such a great trip. Family just grows dearer through the years.


Jim said...

Queen Felisol, I am sorry too about your pictures. And for your computer, especially since it was so new.

It was nice for you and your brother to get to have such a nice visit. When Gunnar has your computer going you can tell us what all you guys did, where you went, and what you saw.

I do feel for you quite a bit. We lost all of our pictures for the first six years of our marriage by a flood. That included most all of Karen's baby and on up to age four. There are a few that we sent to Mom and now that she has died we have those back. About a couple of dozen.

When you are back to reading and blogging I'd like for you to know that we are in London now. We came over the 14th of February and are just ready to leave here now.

We were disappointed with weather in that it was pretty cool. Back home most days are in the 70's now with lots of golf, etc. They play golf here now in the cold but wear gloves and lots of cumbersome clothing.

Amrita said...

Sear Felisol, I 've been slow in reading blogs.

I am so sorry to read about your mishap. I 've lost pix too which I deleted myself by mistake, searched for them in the trash file but could not find them anywhere.

These machines are so cruel to us.

Anyway I am sure the happy memories of your holiday will always remain in your heart.

God help Gunnar to restore your computer, so you can have it running.

Praying God 's blessings upon you

steveroni said...

Oh it is good to see, hear, read you tonight. My compassion for your computer experience is REAL!

Yes, one of the FEW occurrences which could justify any self pity for me--the loss of not only my "valuable stuff" on the HD, but loss of the computer itself.

Attached I am--believing my computer breathes every breath I experience, knows every thought before me, and feels every muscle twinge of mine. We are... O N E !!!!!

Tomorrow will be better! PEACE!

Annie Jeffries said...

Seriously. I am so frowning. My lower lip is hanging so low, it's touch my chin. Darn!! Rotten luck.

steveroni said...

For Annie--and anyone else:

My lower lip IS my chin!

(Rhymes with 'grin'.)