Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Easter

What have we been doing lately? Not much. Weeding straw, moss and- weeds. As you will see, Mrs. Mac; there's enough moss left to feed a heard of rein deer.
This beautiful card came all the way from India, inspiring me to make this post. I haven't sent one single greeting card this year either.
Thank you so very much both for the card, and for taking the trouble posting it, dear Amrita.
I know these things are much more troublesome for you to get done, than it would have been to me. Even so you took time to do it.
I am very grateful.

The five kittens are taking much of our time. Gunnar spent a day teaching them to use the cat toilet. He has patience and will to make it work.

Now Ms Kitty has taken over the job.

Last year I used totally wrong words my Easter decorations. I've later learned that the proper words are twigs and rooster.
Whatever has happened to the English language since I went to school?

The Easter parade on our kitchen table.

Me taking a swing in the garden. More moss and snow drops.
Picture by Serina.

Shy crocus.

The most beautiful book in my collection. A cookbook from 1938
which I bought last week.

A congregation on the island, Karmøy, is selling books to raise money to build a new church after the old burned down.

We have been buying for a good cause.

And for our own pleasure.
Happy Easter to all of you.


EG CameraGirl said...

Oh how lucky you are to have such a sweet garden helper!

Amrita said...

Oh my goodness this is such a lovely picture album.

I am so glad my card reached you. It seems sometimes cards i post get lost.

May your garden grow green and colorful - with Serina 's help.

We had our white lillies out an d now come up the red ones.

Its getting warmer day by day - but still not unbearable.
We are emplying ecological means of keeping the house cool - like painting our rooftop white to reflect off the hot rays of the sun - I know you will like that Felisol as you are very ecological conscius

Mrs. Mac said...

Just how can you have snowdrops blooming .. well .. maybe they are a type of crocus plant that blooms first while there is still snow on the ground. I have yet to spy a single bloom in the woods. Our spring is taking FOREVER to arrive. Lovely card from dear Amrita .. how nice of her to send you an Easter greeting all the way from India :) Here a kitty .. there a kitty .. everywhere a kitty :) they are adorable .. what are their names .. ?? Have a blessed week leading up to Easter.

Say hi to you mom .. and let her know how warm my feet are :) .. with a big THANK YOU!


John Cowart said...

Snowdrops, garden beauty, roosters, kittens and books--you cover it all in this one posting.

Roan said...

Your helper sure is a beauty. Your garden is so lush and green. Don't you love spring? Your Easter parade is impressive. My mother once collected chickens. I'm not sure what happened to all of them. But the shot of the book. Amazing! Happy Easter to you, too.

Crown of Beauty said...

As always the pictures are lovely. And the personal updates are warmly received.

Your kittens are cute! There was a time when I was a little girl when we had as many as fifteen cats in our house. My dad loved cats and did not have the heart to give them away.

Happy Resurrection week, dear Felisol.


Annie Jeffries said...

What a lovely series of moments, Elise. Serina looks like a beautiful garden nymph.

Corry said...

I truly love your Easter parade; it is so beautiful and colorful!

God's Grace.