Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I bought the most read cook book in Norway, Henriette Schønberg Erken's Great Cook Book, on a recent fleemarket for a farthing.
The book has a leather binding, gold letters and a remarkable flower decoration on the section side. It's a special edition from 1938.
I've never seen anything like it before. picture # 1 is in sepia. Picture # 2 has natural colors. I wonder, is this decoration made by hand?

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Linda said...

Really BEAUTIFUL sepia!!

Ralph said...

The cloth binding is woven art, the cover draws our attention to the enclosed recipes. Today, bindings are not so ornate and perhaps reciped are gathered digitally. Here, this book feels like an antique, yet, comfort food in those days was more comforting than most of today's processed foods. A lovely find!

Linda Jackson said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

genie said...

What an amazing buy. You really got yourself a beautiful treasure. The work on the spine is so intricate and lovely. I know you must be thrilled to have found it. Lovely shots...nice captures...fine composition.

steveroni said...

Felisol, that cookbook is a beauty! Although I have no interest in cookbooks, I love to eat the stuff which derives from them.

Long time no see. My fault entirely. NO excuse!

Maria's Space said...

What a beautiful find. That is an amazing looking book.

Terry said...

oh the design is beautiful felisol!
how are the recipes?....maybe one good and easy enough for the sisters cooking blog, eh?
i will be talking to you later from mom and dad goldens' terry

ha! the word verification word is "hessing"...if i had my way i would boot out the "h" and put in "bl" and tell you that that is what you are to me!!!

Maria Stahl said...

That's a lovely book. It must be a pleasure just to hold it and read it. And such a bargain!!

Colleen said...

Oh my goodness, as a fellow book lover, that book is beautiful Felisol! Do you have many flea markets in your area? What a treasure!

Felisol said...

Dear Colleen,
Nice hearing from you, after the blog meltdown.

We still have many flea markets in our area, and Gunnar and I like to visit as many as possible.
That is, Gunnar says he likes to drive me to them.
At the book market he actually found more books than me.
We are still waiting for a big one around midsummer, St. Hans, before they all close down till August.

Annie Jeffries said...

Oh lucky day! What a treasure.

Amrita said...

My goodness Felisol, I am going to judge this book by its cover - it looks like a culinary treasure trove.
You are fond of collecting and preserving works of art and value , I am sure this is one of them