Monday, May 02, 2011

Mother's Ruby Spring

After her brain stroke 3 years ago, my mother has gone a long and lonely way to regain her strength and life.
Come springtime her strength are tripled and her will to fight defeat and illness are admirable.
Her red shoes made her perfect for Ruby Tuesday, as we visited her yesterday, May first.
Gunnar is a great support both to my mom and me. He drove the long way to Sauda to deliver a garden bench we bought for my Mom at a flee market. Monten shall NOT wait to have a resting place when she's out doing what she likes the most; digging, weeding , planting and fertilizing.

Monten dislike using a crouch, the old broom is a great support.

Two years ago Monten finally got her and mine beloved White Anemone to grow in her secret garden.
As you will see, she has lots of land to cultivate, about 2 acres of land.

The "new" old blue bench is perfect for outdoor life, providing a snug resting place behind the old hen house. and because it's solid old wood, it will also withstand rain and snow of harsh Nordic climate.

My Mom and I sung this psalm about the revival of nature.
I'll add the Norwegian text. Those of you who are interested can try to get it translated.

No livnar det i lundar.

Av Elias Blix

No livnar det i lundar, no lauvast det i lid,
den heile skapning stundar no fram til sumars tid.

Det er vel fagre stunder når våren kjem her nord,
og atter som eit under nytt liv av daude gror.

Guds kyrkja lysa skulde som høgt på berg ein stad,
med sumar utan kulde og utan solarglad.

Guds ord vel alltid lyser, den sol gjeng aldri ned:
det hus som Anden hyser, ligg stødt i ljos og fred.

Men stundom kom då kulde på Herrens kyrkjemark:
det var som Gud seg dulde, og burte var Guds ark.

Det var dei myrke dagar, Guds ord var fåhøyrd segn;
og hjarta frys og klagar, det saknar sol og regn.

So sende Gud sin Ande som dogg på turre jord;
då vakna liv i lande, då grøddest vent Guds ord.

Då er det sæle tider for Kristi kyrkjegrunn;
då lauvast det i lider, då livnar det i lund.

Då ljosnar det i landet frå fjell og ned til fjord;
då losnar tungebandet, då kved Guds folk i kor.

Då skin det yver strender som sol ein sumarkveld:
då gløder kring i grender ein heilag altar-eld.

Du vår med ljose dagar, med lengting, liv og song!
Du spår at Gud oss lagar ein betre vår ein gong,

då me med vigsla tunga, med kjærleik heil og klår,
alt utan brest og sprunga skal lova Herren vår.
Elias Blix

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Leora said...

I always enjoy reading about your family. Your mom has a lot of strength - may she continue her good works! said...

I just love your mother, Felisol! She reminds me of my mother!

I listened to the beautiful music and didn't even want to translate it... it sounded like my mother singing, and once again, I could get tears just thinking of her.

Please give your mother a BIG hug from her Texas Norwegian friend. She is precious.


Deborah said...

Hi! i thought I would pop over and say hello. I always see your comments on Colleen's blog. I particularly liked what you said today. I enjoyed reading some of your posts about your mom :)

Rinkly Rimes said...

What a loving and heartfelt tribute. Your mother is a lucky and courageous woman.

Crown of Beauty said...

My dear Felisol,
I really love your mother - her indomitable spirit that never gives up. I can understand why she is your inspiration and role model.

Two acres of land is no joke. I live in the city - both in Bacolod and in Manila - so I only have a house and a small plot of land around it - on which my garden grows, and yet it takes hard work to keep it beautiful. How much more with two acres... she is indeed a role model, even for me.

I love your pictures, and your words, dear Felisol.

SOmeday... we really must meet. I hope and pray. Someday.

I loved the cat post just before this one. Good that she was spayed... I felt sad at having to let the kittens go, esp. the one that went alone. May the kittens be really loved and appreciated.

Thank you for sharing the music.

My spirit understands the words, even if my mind cannot.

FOr your ailments, try reading this website. Water is the greatest cure we can ever get . I have tried it for months now - two glasses of water upon waking up, one glass of water at bedtime, and one glass of water 30 minutes after every meal... then a one/third glass of water every hour during the day...

You might want to try it...


EG CameraGirl said...

You must be very proud of how how far your mother has progressed since her stroke! I think it's great that she still does her own gardening.

Ralph said...

The stroke doesn't have to be the end of life, your mother sees the limitations yet lives through them. To garden may be the best therapy of all. A loving mom is attended to by a loving daughter (and son in law), the feeling wonderful no matter our health. Sweet!

Felisol said...

Dear Lidj,
I think your water cure can do much good. I am an eager water drinker, but I'll try to do it more systematically.

And Yes, my Mom is great. I love her so. I just wish we didn't live that far away. Elderly are such fragile people too, even when they are as tough as my Mom.
We talked a lot about it yesterday.
Better fill my years with life, than my life with years, was my mother's conclusion.
I pray she may be allowed to continue living in freedom at home.
That is her major wish.

Amrita said...

I sa;ute and admire Monten 's spirit and zest for life.

You told us she fertilized her garden before you could get it done. She is a superlady.
Special greetings to her on Mother 's day (May 8th)

The music is lovely

Debbie Petras said...

Your mom is a real trooper! A real Viking? I just love her red shoes. Have I told you that red is my favorite color?

Love you,

J.Rylie.C said...

Very pretty!

My Ruby Tuesday, would love it if you can visit.

John Cowart said...

Hi Felisol,
I like your mother's broom as a cane idea. Looks to be very stable; I'll have to try that when working in my garden.

Mel_Cole said...

Looks like you are busy in the garden. Which is good coz its and exercise. Would love you to visit my Ruby Tuesday page here.

Annie Jeffries said...

Dear Elise,

I was so happy to read of your mother and her refusal to be struck down by her stroke. My mother suffered a stroke as well but alas, after three years, never regained her speech and her balance was terribly impaired. It was a difficult time and is still hard to remember.

God bless your mom and please give her a hug for me.


maryt/theteach said...

Your Mom is lovely and very active, felisol! thanks for participating in Ruby Tuesday! :)

Mrs. Mac said...

Monten is amazing in all that she accomplishes ... it is that everyday living including fresh air and crossword puzzles that keeps her going .. plus the visits from you and Gunnar. Please give her my best regards.

xxx Cathy