Thursday, June 16, 2011


I love this poem by Inger Hagerup about dandelions.

This is how lives go
To the dandelions now as then;
They start as fire, turn into snow,
And end like old, bald men.

Translated by Felisol

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Jim said...

Hi Felisol ~~ this is a neat poem you found. I like it.

I've been thinking dandelions
How pretty they are in their youth
Older soon, they just blow away
We too are like that, it's a truth.

Crown of Beauty said...

This is my first time to read this poem, I surmise that it is originally in Norwegian?

The sepia color of the dandelions is very pretty...

I think you could make a lovely gift cards collection of your original photographs!


Amrita said...

That is a lovley poem complementing the photo Felisol

steveroni said...

Felisol...does it mean I shall live a long time? I'm OLD, but my hair grows like a fertilized yard in the summer/fall...

A GREAT little piece of poetry. Norwegian simplicity! Thank you!

Linda said...

Really wonderful sepia!!

Terry said...

dear felisol...i have always loved dandelions...their appearance, the first sign of spring..and when their fire DID turn into snow, i remember how the golden children would pick them and blow those fussy seeds all over the place and then when they WERE old bald men, well we would snip those "heads" off and use the stems for straws to sip up our freshie, pretending we were royalty!
and some of those stems we would chain into bracelets for our wrists, necklaces for our necks, earrings for our ears, rings for our fingers and a chained crown for our heads......yes siree, the dandelions were friends to the goldens.....really great poem felisol that has brought such precious childhood memories to me....yes, i still do love dandelions! terry

Trish said...

Dear Felisol...thank you for always lifting my spirits when you leave a comment.
I agree with Lidj...your photo's would make wonderful gift cards, thank you cards, thinking of you cards...I could go on and on.
Gorgeous! said...

It's a few lines, and it is also the story of a life. Very well said.

I am praying for your mom, and for decisions and wisdom as you try to see to her needs. It's a difficult time, I remember it so well with my own mom, but looking back, I know that God took care of it all in the best way, even when I didn't always feel like that as we went through those times. No one loves your mom more that God does, she is His creation, and we will trust Him for her needs, and for peace of heart for you as well, as you help her.

Please give her a hug from me!