Saturday, June 04, 2011

The Lonley House

Once it was built by a young couple,
Filled with dreams and homes for the future.
Sheep and cattle, crops in the field,

Husband coming home, tired in the evening,
Eager children running alongside,
In for a steaming hot, well prepared meal.

Now it's standing alone in the summer night.
Abounded and stripped for former wealth.

People need houses,
and houses need people.
Hope they'll find one another in the lonely hearts' club.


Leora said...

Your touching poem and still house remind me of an Andrew Wyeth painting - probably the one called Christina's World. said...

That is a picture very much like many I see around Texas... standing all alone and completely abandoned, some even leaning. I ALWAYS wonder about the stories of the families who lived there, probably would read like a book, and hopefully a good one, but no doubt filled with many chapters of ups and downs, as with most of us.

Happy Sunday to my Norwegian friends!


steveroni said...

I like this story Felisol. House looks like it needs about 30 days in a rehab before greeting new Peeps.

We have a few houses in Florida look like that--grin!

I've been missing your posts, but I do not spend my time wisely.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Felisol....I loved this! Hugs from Japan!

John Cowart said...

Hi Felisol,

What a poignant photo and poem; they match so well.

There are 57 houses in the cul de sac where I live. Sixteen of those homes sit empty because of bank foreclosures.

I wonder where those hopeful young couples ended up.


PS: Last week I had a visit from that family you helped; they are doing fine in their new apartment.

Amrita said...

This house is sitting right in the middle of no where. Pretty lonely. But people can be lonely in crowded places too.

Love photo and poem. Reminds me of a Beatles song.

Jada's Gigi said...

Sad and sweet...

Terry said...

when bernie and i first visited my beloved manitoba and rivers air force base and the house where the goldens had lived, the house was empty and in shambles and i cried as i remembered the good times we use to have and dad golden and their nine children..
oh the precious memories!
felisol, when i read this sad yet hopeful poem you have posted, i thought of this poem about our house in manitoba...

The House..
This old house has seen the sunshine of many different years.
This old house has seen some happiness
This old house has seen some tears.
This old house now seems so empty
Since we left with last goodbyes.
The smiles and talk, the happy laughs
Echo above the lonely sighs
Whether leaves are green in springtime
snow leaves lightly on the ground
This old house will hold the memories
Of all the old families sounds.

believe it or not felisol, when i took mom golden to rivers a few years after this, there were actually new tenants that had moved in...the birds had built their nests in very many corners!

but alas, the last time we saw the house, it was completely gone....just long grass growing and hiding the sidewalks and the cement patch that had once been our driveway!

thanks to the lord that we have a heavenly home that we will soon be moving into that will never see corruption!!...and that the family will never say good bye to!

dearest friend, your post has brought back so many memories to me and now i better stop talking so much and try to make a ruby tuesday post...ha! terry