Monday, June 27, 2011

Midsummer with Serina

This evening we went out to revisit places from Serina's childhood.
The pictures are fresh from the oven. Shot just two hours ago.

I cannot name the midsummer bouquet in English. The red one is called St. Hans flower, equinox flower, in Norwegian. There's also Valerian root, which smells so wonderfully, and is said to turn around midsummer night.

At Aksnes beach; Serina is picking sea shells where we let her meet the sea for the first time 22 years ago.

Midsummer meadow; or angel meadow, as the Swede poet Taube called it.
The time is about 23 b.m. and the sun is setting.

Lifeline by the beach.

Red clovers growing by the beach.

St. Hans flower also close to the salty waters.

Sea weed


Dusk after sundown.

North west dusk

It's dark and just a few meters from home.
A deer calf is out seeking for water; bad, but rare shot.

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Trish said...

Lovely...lovely Serina, lovely scenes by the sea, lovely countryside.
And what a lovely, everyday daughter you are dear Felisol.

Carol said...

Beautiful shots ! said...

ahhhh Norway! How I love seeing it through your camera.

We must be on the same page, as I am taking all 6 grandkids on a tour of the homes where their moms and dads (our 3kids) grew up. We will eat lunch at their favorite place as kids, and ice cream along the way.

For all of us, when we return to those homes, they ALWAYS seem so much smaller.

These are wonderful photos Felisol, but the best is Serina. I love her sweet face.


Leora said...

What a delightful series. Love seeing Serina. The skies are fabulous. The flowers are delicate and subtle. What lovely scenery.

Ralph said...

Your land is so bright for so long every day in Summer. The lack of night and the natural wonder of your land in sea and land. Serina, brought up near the sea, will always have that appreciation from when she was young. It seems as if that wonder will never wear off...

steveroni said...

Beautiful beaches, flowers, Serina, outstanding!
Thank you, Felisol.

Terry said...

dear felisol..the flowers are beautiful but not as beautiful as your princess.
she met the sea 22 years ago...maybe that is why she is not afraid of it and loves it so much.
felisol..was the lobster still alive.i am a bad one..i cannot even pass the live lobsters in the grocery market.i feel so sorry for them that i am almost tempted to buy them and release them but that would be an awful fate for them as the welland waters would not be quite their cup of tea...they would surely perish in those polluted welland canal waters!
felisol, your pictures, fresh from the oven are just are such a good photographer!

today i heard the mournful sounds of a ship going through the canal and on its way to lake fort erie, i guess.
such a sad and lonely sound and i prayed for the dear sailors in that ship that god would keep them terry

Amrita said...

Stupendous snapshots Felisol, headed by the ravishing Serina.

How wonderful that you could enjoy the seaside with your lovely daughter.

Wow you have lobsters too. Can you eat them?

Felisol said...

Hi Terry and Amrita,
The lobster on the picture was a dead baby,the size of a silver dollar, lying on it's back. They are washed to the shore by the tide.
They hide under the stones, and one can easily catch both crabs and lobsters along the shores of Haugalandet. The boats are coming in every morning with fresh shrimps. Delicious!
Any living creature should be slaughtered without pain or stress.
The factory slaughterhouses for hens, sheep, cattle and pigs are disgusting.
The animals are stressed and in pain.
Better paying a few bucks more, knowing that the animals are being well treated.
The same goes for fish.

Becky said...

just beautiful!!

John Cowart said...

Hi Felisol,

Every one of your photo postings shines brighter. But then, you have such lovely material to work with.

Reading back over your posting about being an Everyday Daughter, I admire you for the care you give your mother.


Jada's Gigi said...

What beautiful photos you make! and what a lovely daughter! Enjoy your Norwegian summer!!

Cafe au lait said...

Lovely lady!

I played too. Mine are here and here.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Serina is Gorgeous!

Ruby Tuesday at my page, please come and see.

Roan said...

What a wonderful visit to Norway. The countryside is beautiful. Thanks for the visit! I especially like the picture of the seaside with the red roofs in the background. And thank you for your well wishes.

Jim said...

Thank you for 'taking us' with you, Felisol. So many of us grew up with Serina. She is a lovely young lady to be proud of.
Besides her portrait my favorite is the 'beach' where there are sea shells to be picked.

Annie Jeffries said...

There is something very lyrical and gentle about this post, Elise. Set it to must and Serina will sing.