Monday, August 08, 2011

Redeeming Time

Ephesians 5:16 was one of my father's favourites and has also become one of mine. Particularly the words about "redeeming the time".

While looking for a usable English translation of these words, I stumble over a net place called They explain redeeming the time like this:

"Redeeming the time - The word rendered here as "redeeming," means "to purchase; to buy up" from the possession or power of anyone; and then to redeem, to set free - as from service or bondage; notes."

We have bee through some really rough waters the eight days. First my mother's youngest sister Henny died at the age of 82. The my mother had the secon severe fall in a month. This time down the outdoor concrete stairs. We were met here on the city hospital and she was thoroughly examined till about midnight. No broken bones, and my mother decided she would return home to Sauda. Gunnar and I of course followed. Kind of blessing in disguise; my mother accepted more help from public home nursing. They now come twice a day and bring hot food four times a week.
Back in Haugesund Serina returned from her summer job in Bergen.

Yesterday we read that this was the last Sunday our favourite cafe was to stay open. On our way to town we called my Sister in law and her daughter, who also happened to be home from her studies.
The four of us spent four hours in the cafe. The lovely coffee-house owner gave us cookies and home made confect to go when we left.

Today we got the sad news that my mother's little brother, 84, had died during the night.
Serina and I are off to my Mom, while Gunnar is keeping the fortress here in Haugesund.
How lucky I am for the four hours of healing redeeming time at the cafe yesterday.
Thanks to niece Kristine Marina and SIL Sigrid for being the there with us, and sending the pictures yesterday evening.


Terry said...

dear felisol, my best friend...i will be praying for you and your mom as you bear her the sad news of her "little brother"..oh what is 84 years? is but a drop in the bucket of time...soon we will be in the big house with the lord and all of our loved ones and we will never even have to count the time..we will be in a never ending more pain, no more tears!
god bless you dear felisol as you travel with your dear daughter and as gunnar holds the terry

Annie Jeffries said...

Family gathering, for good times and bad. Very happy your mom is alright. Very sorry she lost her brother now.

Amrita said...

Dearest Felisol, I am so sorry to hear about the bereavement in your family. Must be so hard for Monten to say goodbye to 2 of her siblings in such a short time. God comfort you all.

Your mother is a very brave and courageous woman. She needs more physical help it seems.

Glad she has care givers who can come to the house.

My prayers are for you during this time of grief.

I love your beautiful photos. Your faces are shining so brightly said...

I'm so sorry Felisol. It's never easy when this happens, and I am praying for your mother, for this loss, and for her health. She is so blessed to have you for her daughter. I know you say the same of having her for your mother.

I did love seeing the pictures of the 4 of you. What a wonderful day.
Life is fast, isn't it? I also love the verse that talks about redeeming the time. I am so aware of the days going by.

Hugs to all of you, and special prayers right now.


Crown of Beauty said...

My heartfelt sympathies are sent your way, dear Felisol. God is your comfort and strength. He will keep you in perfect peace.

Much love

steveroni said...

Redeem, a lot of meanings. The one I always picked was that of a Peep incarcerated whose release is bought and paid for by another, a VERY good friend. Sound familiar?


Maria Stahl said...

Oh no, Felisol, that's too much for one short period of time! I thank God you are walking with Him so you don't stumble.

I'm glad your mum is willing to accept some more help now. My husband is doing some work with home health while he is in nursing college, and he sees there is great value to it, as it allows people to be independent much later in their years than if they had to do everything themselves. I hope this will be a huge help to her.

I'm praying for your whole family.

Word verification: momesse. The particular finesse that only a mother has. :)

Mrs. Mac said...

Oh my, so much going on. My heartfelt sympathies at the loss of your Aunt Henny .. she did have a long life and I pray she is in heaven. Happy to hear that your mom didn't get seriously hurt and is taking the nursing care offered at home. Glad to see Serina is home from her studies. You all look so nice .. must be the summer sun shining at long last.

Colleen said...

Dear Felisol. My heart goes out to you and your family in these rough days of loss. I am so truly sorry and will be remembering you and your family in my prayers. Blessings and stor klem Elise. Much love to you, Colleen

Anonymous said...

so much going on. thinking and pryaing for family.

Becky said...

thinking about you and your family.

Jada's Gigi said...

Ah sister...sad week indeed...but a lovely 4 hours of respite...our God is good. thinking of your family this week...and echoing all that the sisters are saying...hugs!

Jim said...

Oh Goodness, Felisol! I am soooo grateful for that Goodness of God, aren't you and the family!

It is good that Mom will let the home health people help her more. If yours are better than ours, I can see why she was reluctant. I had home health for a week and a day. Really not real good but it was a lot better than no help.

You, Gunnar, and Serina are the best for your Mom that there can be. This must feel like a terrible weight for her right now.

Wish I were close where I could help more. But I do pray (even when I don't show up here) a lot for ALL you guys.

Roan said...

No matter what their age, it is hard to lose a relative. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Nice pictures.