Monday, September 19, 2011

Finally Ruby Tuesday again

It's finally time and space in my life to participate in a new Ruby Tuesday.
My mother has been ill for 4 weeks now, so ill they didn't give us any hope she would survive.Here she's home from the hospital, studying the Scarf Sister Bible. I think she's looking swell, but then again, I am not objective in this matter. Mom is living with Gunnar and me for the time being, but we've got nurses attending to her 5 times a day. One of the benefits of living in a country with health care for ordinary people.
My mother lost two of her siblings in less than two weeks prior to her heart collapse. Now she's looking at the family picture to the left every day, telling old family tales and mourning at the same time.

Here's Gunnar's friend Per visiting. He's fond of elderly people and not afraid of giving an old lady a hug.
I guess he prefers his wife and his brand new Alfa Romeo though, in that order.

I steeled out in the garden for a minute yesterday. Only two ripe apples on our apple tree.

I'm not quite sure about this photo fiddling, but as always, I'm in a hurry and eager to show you our first price product.

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Leora said...

I am so happy to read your mother is doing as well as she is. I wish I could give her (and you!) a hug - it sounds like it has been a difficult time.

Lovely reds!

Robin said...

How relieved you must be to have your mother home and recuperating, I can't imagine how stressful and frightening the past weeks must have been.


Terry said...

dear nice to hear your sweet voice again...i am so enjoying your posts over at the scarf sisters and i am just getting caught up..
my heart has been paining the last few weeks for your mother having been so ill and as she has lost her brother and sister, and the exteme tragedy that came to has left me without even knowing what to say.
i was so happy to talk to you on the phone and i will try to phone again...
your mom looks pretty cute felisol..i am so glad that she is living with you and getting not only care but a whole bunch of love too..
your pictures, as usual are lovely!
ha! you even have a picture of a little red car!
so nice to read another ruby tuesday of yours my dearest terry

Liz said...

Your photos are wonderful Felisol. I'm glad to hear she's at home and doing well.

My entries:
Moms...Check Nyo

Maria @ LSS said...

What a lovely post. Glad to know your mom is home.

Ralph said...

Your mom looks wonderful - the daughter needs to have the optimism that with faith, all will be well. Each and every day is a vlessing indeed!

The Alfa and apple are delightful rubies!

Take car of yourself, the caregiver needs a bit of rest herself it seems...

Sherri said...

I am so happy that you are back posting again. My God abundant blessing surround your family in health and healing!

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and "helping me". I am glad to that you didnt have any problem as some of my followers are still reporting through other means that they still cannot post. I am not sure what else to try, but I will not give up.


carol l mckenna said...

Awesome photos ~ You are fortunate that your Mom can have the great care she needs and deserves ~ Photos are Great for RT ~ namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

Kim, USA said...

So nice to see you back Felisol and nice to know your mom is recuperating. We can understand why she is sad and yet try to recuperate she loss two siblings and that's tremendous hard to accept even if we think they are already in their old age but siblings are siblings and when you described that she keeps on looking at the picture I can relate to that too because I keep on looking at our family picture thinking and wishing that my parents are still here. Mourning and grieving and moving on are relative ^_^ What she needs now is somebody to listen to her stories for sure there are many she can share. ^_^

RT said...

oh I am SO glad to see you back! And your sweet sweet mother, it's just so good to see her here. It's been a rough summer and I hope the healing continues for her in every way.

Your beautiful red apple... I am always amazed that Norway produces so many beautiful growing things. I always think of the north country as being cold and more barren... NOT NORWAY!!! :)

And the red Alfa Romeo is too cute. When our 3 kids were little, we had a red Alfa convertible and my hubby had the big not so cute car, while the kids and I went all over town in that little Alfa, what fun.

Just happy to have you back!


Amrita said...

Dear Felisol, your concerns have been a matter for prayer. Glad mother is recuperating.Its certainly is a blessing to have nurses come home.

I have a flu, so I am in a pretty bad shape. But life does not stop, just slows down a bit.

Love your apples, its been a very long time since I had them, can 't afford them Ha-ha!

God is good to us all.

Annie Jeffries said...

Dearest Elise. I'm so happy to read that your mom is well. Please give her a gentle hug and hello from me.

John Cowart said...

Hi Felisol,

I'm glad your mother is doing so much better. I've thought of you often during this trying time.

There's an old saying: An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Maybe your beautiful apples helped.


Gattina said...

Yes you are lucky to have help at home. In Belgium we have that too fortunately.

Colleen said...

Dear Felisol, praying for your mother as she recovers and mourns her siblings passings. Your family is going through so much right now. Much love from me.

Tina´s PicStory said...

lovely red ^.^

Maria Stahl said...

I'm behind on my blog reading! Your mum is indeed a ruby of rare quality. :)

Mrs. Mac said...

I love the pictures .. especially the one of your mom. Enjoy all the days of grace given to you by the Lord.

Love and hugs,


Crown of Beauty said...

I have prayed for your mom when you first sent out the request, and when I found out on the Scarf Sisters blog that she had recovered, it was a time of rejoicing for me for answered prayer. She is looking well, but one can tell there is a veil of grief on her face.

The pictures are lovely with all those little touches of red in them, including the apples on your tree.

Be at peace within yourself, my dear friend. Thank you for all the encouragement you have given me these past days.

Much love

Saija said...

your mom looks very good!!!! i am so glad you guys have the open arms & heart to keep her close during this new challenge ... may God bless you all!!!

Terry said...

dear felisol..julie has the bible already! terry

Roan said...

I'm glad your mother is doing better. She does look good. Love the red car and those two apples on that tree. Hope your mother continues improving. Take Care.

Trish said...

Hello Dear Felisol...So happy to see your Mom enjoying our Bible.
What a blessing, to have her there with you and to have such good help stopping in everyday.
It's Apple picking time here in Michigan too...Big hugs.

Jada's Gigi said...

so happy you have had more time to spend with your mom than expected. I'm sure he pain is great for her losses but joyful for you to have her with you a while longer. The Scarf Sisters Bible came at just the right time didn't it? We sisters will be thinking of you and your dear family when we gather next week. Hugs!