Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Christmas is over and all the disturbing clutter boxed away in the attic. Amidala is trying out "various positions" at any available space. Our dining tables are definitely off limit and she accepts that, at least when we are present.

Well, here she enjoyed peace and quiet on the chest of drawers in the hallway, and I came with my disturbing camera. Even though I don't use flash light, there are some small lights indicating that the camera is about to click. Not funny having ones cat dreams enlightened. Most of them are about successful, sinister night hunting, if I'm right. I usually am... Being right is my prerogative, since I can talk, and my destiny, since I say so much that should rather remain a secret.

For a split second after I knew I had trodden into a hilarious cat dream, my attention was to my camera and how to shoot her upcoming reactions. Too late. Boom, crash, my old heirloom, the mini chandelier with crystal prisms was crushed and several of the dangling toys broken . To this day I have not had the strength to try fixing it.

Amidala jumped down from her dreaming place and looked very annoyed, as if I was to blame. And maybe she was partly true.

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Annie Jeffries said...

Elise! Kitties are never, ever responsible for the damage the reek on us. Somehow, we humans are always responsible. After all, we disturbed kitty. LOL

Cindy Adkins said...

Such a beautiful kitty! Nice to meet you!
Buster, Rudy, Sam (and Mom Cindy!)

Mrs. Mac said...

Yes .. partly true :)! And boy .. let that be a lesson to mess with her cat dreams, eh? What a face .. how could her mama ever get mad?

Felisol said...

I wasn't actually mad, just sad. Now a pile of old hats are preventing her from trying the prism trick again. I know Amidala will leap at anything that moves, I just have to do some rethinking.

steveroni said...

I {♥} a cat tale! No Matter What, I know my cat loves me--and I him. We have a bond, from the first day I picked him out from under a wood pile on a cold, rainy evening. Burt was about five inches in length, and very hungry. We've been together almost fourteen years.

Felisol said...

Cats are definitely "masters of their domains".
Amidala adopted us the day after I had said, " If God wants us to have a new cat, He'll have to send one."
Next morning she stood there in the snow with icicles hanging from her long fur, meowing sorely. We searched all over the town for her previous owner, but no one turned up. Amidala was fully house trained and she stayed, gave birth to five kittens, got spayed and stayed further. Gunnar used half a year to remove all the knots from her fur. She's a long haired cat and needs human help to be properly groomed.Gunnar is actually allergic to cat hair, but as he says, "I'm allergic to so many things, I can't let that rule my life."

Trish said...

Never having a cat, I so enjoy your Amidala stories. What a beautiful Cat!

Crown of Beauty said...

The pics turned out lovely, as usual. She clearly doesn't like cameras.

One reason I have so few pics posted of my Samantha, a Basset hound and dachshund mix breed pet dog, though she is so beautiful, is she darts away at the sound of my camera case opening. She knows what is coming next.

Enjoy your last few weeks of winter... is it soon to be spring in Norway?


Felisol said...

Well, Lydia, I'd love to see a picture of your belated Dad and his fifteen cats. So far he takes the price.

Amidala always closes her eyes when the small light is on, but when I leave it that way,she will open her eyes to check. Cats are incredible curious.

We still have snow in the garden and of course up in the mountains. My Mom has a man with a huge tractor sweeping her long driveway.

The day has become 3 hours longer since winter solstice.
With the light comes the hope.

Amrita said...

Oh my, you getting Amidala was a miracle. She certainly is very lively. Feel sorry for your family heirloom tho.

Debbie Petras said...

Amidala keeps you on your toes! It's fun to read what she's up to in your home.

Sending love to you across the ocean,

Mrs. Mac said...

"I'm allergic to so many things, I can't let that rule my life."

I LOVE this attitude about life that
possesses your Gunnar :)

Gattina said...

Of course it's your fault ! disturbing a cat is a crime !
My cats also sleep everywhere and change after a few weeks. Arthur used to sleep on the microwave for a while !