Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hey Stranger

Daughter Serina delivered her final assignment in video journalistic today.
Her Norwegian friend Thomas is The Stranger.

7 comments: said...

Ah Felisol, I am smiling at this oh-so-sweet video of Serina and Thomas. Her voice just got my attention immediately, and she is such a thinker... wonder where she got that??? :)

I really like the quality of her voice, it is easy and soothing.
What a great experience she is having. And I can imagine how proud you and Gunnar are. I'm cheering her on!

And I have to ask... how is your sweet mother? I think of her so often, as I think of you, and I am so grateful for my Norwegian 'family'. :)

Felisol said...

Dear Sonja,
Thanks for the nice words. Of course we are proud of Serina's video project, especially since we have followed the production on the sideline and know how much work she put down in this assignment.

Thank you for asking about and caring for my mother.
She's better now, than in a long time.
These four months she has been in and out of hospital several times, and we all were terrified, not about the possibility that she might die, but how she could endure such amount of pains and also of total belittling.
Now her heart insufficiency, her pneumonia and her month long bladder inflammation are properly medicated and she's got a place in a ward for elderly.
She's longing home, of course, to her garden mostly. we are bringing her home for day visits, but when the evening comes, she's happy to return to her room at the nursing home.
She's also very occupied by what Serina is doing and all her exams, so she is indeed not only thinking about herself. She never was the type to do so. She's also making plans for May 17th, syttende mai, to wear her self made bunad. We all have bunads that my mother has embroidered and sewed.
So by living one day at a time, enjoying our daily telephone calls and meetings, I think we have a fairly good life.
Once gain we praise the Lord for freeing us out.
Grace upon grace.

Annie Jeffries said...

Oh Elise, Serina has given us something so utterly brilliant and so so simple. I love to people watch and easedrop on private conversation (say, in a restaurant or bookstore/cafe) but Serina has brought it to a whole other level of intimacy. Bravo, Serina.

Roan said...

What a marvelous video. She has a wonderful voice, makes you want to pay close attention to what she is saying. As a writer, I like to watch strangers and wonder what they are about in the hopes of creating a fictional character for one of my stories, but I never go ask if I'm right. Perhaps I should. Please let her know how much I enjoyed watching. I read your comment about your mother. I've been wondering how she was doing. Take care!

Amrita said...

Dear Felisol, I want to congratulate Serina for this extraordinay and remarkable film. She choose such a captivating and sensitive theme, thoughtful , observant and full of possibilities. Brilliasnt presentation and narrated. I lie her voice so much.

She deserves an award of Excellence for it.

Her video will set my mind to motion now.

Mrs. Mac said...

What a wonderful film Serina has produced for her final assignment. Her voice is so soothing and leaves the viewer with lots of wonder and strategy to engage those that walk alongside but are unknown. You must be proud parents.

I read the above update on your dear mother and am glad that she is in a place mentally, spiritually and physically that are meeting her present needs. She has given so much of herself over the years and I'm glad that she is living life with some hope of the near future.



❀~Myrna~❀ said...

I enjoyed very much , Serina did an excellent job! I love to people watch also.I am so glad your Mother is doing better.