Saturday, April 07, 2012

Our Father 1

The prayer the English call the Lord's Prayer is called Our Father in Norwegian, Pater Noster in Latin.
I love that prayer more and more, the older I get.
It embraces all my needs as a human being and my loss of words to worship.

Our Father.
God is my father, not an indefinite spirit of the universe,
not a distant impersonal god.
He is my father.
He knows me by name.
He numbered my days, even before I was born.
He is the shadow at my right hand.
He will never leave nor forsake me.
Our Father.


Mrs. Mac said...

He is larger than life AND holds the world, His creation, in the palm of His hand. Have a blessed Easter Felisol with your dear loved ones. The Lord is Risen!

Saija said...

what an amazing picture!!! it looks like Easter mornings joy!

Sherri said...

That is a beautiful picture, I love the way god paints every sunrise and sunset! He is LORD of all.

Have a blessed and wonderful weekend in HIM who LIVES and REIGNS!!!

Roan said...

The perfect post for this weekend. Beautiful words.

Amrita said...

Its such a solmn thing to know that God is not only our creator and Lord but our Father.....he is not distant and demanding but close to us.
John 1:12, To as many a s believed in him, gave he the right the become the children of God.

The prayer and photo is awesome, makes us lift our eyes toward the heaven and focus on the Father.

I think this is set to music too

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

That is a beautiful & amazing pic !
Amen to your beautiful commentary !