Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Father 6

Lead us not into temptation,
I don't think the Lord leads us on paths of evil.
The tempter is another name for the devil, he certainly searches in every way to lead us astray.
The Lord has promised to guard us, so that not one of his lambs shall be missing.
Lead me away from temptation, is my prayer.
I am so often tempted to make wrong choices, say wrong things for the wrong reasons; it's a wonder I'm still, by grace, allowed to be among the children of God.
In the old prayer book of the Church of Norway, the phrase went, "You raise us for your Kingdom through Cross and Tribulation."
"It takes a strong back to carry only good days", my grandmother used to say.
I guess that if God hadn't made it crystal clear, I cannot achieve anything without him, I'd be even more obnoxious and smug than I am today.
I certainly need to carry on praying,
"Lead me away from temptations."


Amrita said...

I have experience d that often God allows a situation for our betterment but the devil wants to use it to pull us down. It happened to me recently.

God sent me someone to help me run an errand and the devil trie d to misuse this blessing. Got to be watchful for these things.

Thanks for sharing this Felisol. Your grandma was a wise lady

Jada's Gigi said...

I am surprised any of us are allowed to be counted in the community of the saints! yes, prayer is needed that He would keep us from the many temptations that surround us.

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

I have some of the same temptations , so many times I wish I had not spoken.I need to pray constantly also. It is our own sinful wants (desires)that lead us astray.We need to pray to submit to his will. But amen, He will not lose one of us,who are his sheep, whatever number He starts out with ,he will have in the end.Wonderful Post!

Debbie Petras said...

How thankful I am for His grace and mercy. I fall short all too often but He is a forgiving God. But I do try to stay away from things that would tempt me on purpose. Why put myself in that kind of a situation, right?


Jim said...

Great series, Felisol! And I know there is at least one more coming. Perhaps two or three depending on what all you have to post. The last part one with lots of praise!

Terry said...

dearest all the years i have known you, i have never once seem any smugness in you..not once!..and obnoxious is a word that shouldn't be said anywhere near you!
you have been nothing but godly, encouraging and kind, and so this i will not even let you think of yourself that you are any one of these things...smug and way!

i have really enjoyed the gold that you have been plucking from the lords prayer and i am thinking of printing each post of it out and making a small booklet for me to carry..
god bles you terry