Sunday, July 29, 2012

It Is That One Dream

 It is that one dream

It is that one dream we all hold

That something wonderful will come,

Needs to come along?

That the time will come

That the heart will open

That doors will open

That the mountain will open

That springs will spring

That the dream will open

That we one morning will glide

right into a bay we did not know.

The poem is written by one of my favorite poets, Olav H. Hauge and on my request translated into English by Serina Ljung.
Pictures from the island at Ferkingstad beach.


Roan said...

I can see why he is a favorite poet of yours. Simply wonderful! Love the pics, too.

Amrita said...

Lovely poem of hope to begin the week with.

Look forward to things good and blessed. These words give hope and courage.
Serina has made a very good translation.

The photos are lovely.

Have a good week.
Its raining here so its cool.

Crown of Beauty said...

What a wonderful poem this is, it can only speak of heaven... that eternally wonderful place full of beauty, joy, light, love, peace, and unending song.

The pictures are lovely as always.


Mrs. Mac said...

Dreams and hope. There is a lot happening in 'that one dream' ... You have captured the intent of the poet quite well with your lovely photographs.
Photographs and memories both fade with time. How wonderful to have the written word to use as a 'back up file' :)

Hugs from across the sea and through the woods. xx C

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Beautiful poem& Beautiful pics!

myletterstoemily said...

your favorite poet and your country
are both so beautiful.

Annie Jeffries said...

That poem is so like you, Elise, that I thought I was reading your words. No wonder you like it so much. It is a piece of your heart.

Roan said...

Wonderful poem and beautiful photographs.