Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Carols # 16

This is also an Advent song written by Eyvind Skeie in 1988.
Originally for a children's TV program back then when we only had one TV channel.
The lyrics content one verse for every Sunday of Advent.
I maybe most of all love the expression of verse four, "Now earth and heaven meet in the child resting on straw."
I give you the Norwegian text. It should be easy to Google.

 TENN LYS !   (Eyvind Skeie)
Tenn lys
Et lys skal brenne for denne lille jord.
Den blanke himmelstjerne, der vi og alle bor.
Må alle dele håpet så gode ting kan skje.
Må jord og himmel møtes. Et lys er tent for det.

Tenn lys !
To lys skal skinne for kjærlighet og tro, for dem som viser omsorg og alltid bygger bro.
Må fanger få sin frihet og flyktninger et hjem.
Tenn lys for dem som gråter og dem som trøster dem

Tenn lys!
Tre lys skal flamme for alle som må sloss.
For rettferd og for frihet. De trenger hjelp av oss.
Må ingen miste motet før alle folk er ett.
Tenn lys for dem som kjemper for frihet og for rett.

Tenn lys !
Nå stråler alle de fire lys for ham
som elsker alt som lever, hver løve og hvert lam.
Tenn lys for himmelkongen som gjeterflokken så.
Nå møtes jord og himmel i barnet lagt på strå.


Annie Jeffries said...

Heartbreakingly beautiful, Elise. I thought of nothing but the families in Connecticut as I listened to this.

Life and Breath and Everything Else said...

I also love that expression in verse 4, how amazing that the Son of God came to earth to redeem us! Thank you for the timely encouraging comment on my blog. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

Terry said...

dear felisol....i googled it and found it!

SPARK LIGHT! (Eyvind Skeie)
light the candles
A candle will burn for this little earth.
The shining stars of the sky, and where we all live.
May all share the hope that good things can happen.
Do earth and sky meet. A candle is lit for it.

Light the lights!
Two lights will shine for love and faith, for those who show care and always bridges.
Do prisoners have their freedom and refugees a home.
Light candles for those who weep and those who comforts them

Light the lights!
Three light will flash for anyone who has to fight.
For justice and freedom. They need help from us.
Do not lose heart before all people are one.
Light candles for those who fight for freedom and right.

Light the lights!
Now rays all four light him
who loves all living things, each lion and a lamb.
Light candles for sky king who shepherd the flock so.
Now meet the earth and sky in the child laid on straw. know what?...i think it sounds much nicer sung in norwegian!
the pictures are so heart wrenching!...i pray for them all and i pray for the dear ones who have suffered so much despair in new town connecticut..

i love the music and i love the words....and i love you! terry

Felisol said...

Dearestest Terry,
I agree that the text may sound not so good when gooled. But there's one difference google hasn't caught. The Norwegian word himmel means two thing, sky and heaven. In this song heaven is the word to be used. Heven meets earth, meaning God meets man through baby Jesus, his son who became human to save us. True God and true human, that's our definition of the miracle on Christmas night when Jesus, son of God was born by virgin Mary.
The Heaven King.

Felisol said...

I also see that the pictures mat be too harsh, but this is our earth as it is today.
This is the suffering, the meaningless violence, the ongoing human fight for peace.
We have the expression midst among us.
Jesus is everywhere midst among us in all we cannot accept nor understand.
He was born in a cold stable, oh, I bet Mary must have been in despair, not finding proper shelter when she gave birth to the Heaven King.
In that desperation in desolation God sent at heavenly crowd to praise and worship.
He revealed his wonder and the coming of the Lord to poor shepherds keeping night watch.
Even today he makes wonders where no one is expecting them.
His chosen are the ones that people of wealth and success are looking down on.
What a mighty message even today.

Terry said...

dear were certainly right to put these pictures in because people HAVE to see what dire straights that our fellow humans are going we are so fortunate and just take it for granted!..god from heaven looks down on the earth and he knows!
you are so right to put these in because with us it is "out of sight...out of mind.!

felisol, i meant that the norwegian singing here is so meaning! is being sung with hearts that love!
i am listening to it again as i write this so terry

Jada's Gigi said...

I love the message of this song...and your interpretation of it to us....beautiful and timely

Aritha said...

Heel mooi. Very beautiful. I love this nordic language. Thanks.

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Very beautiful song! It did remind me of our tragedy in Connecticut. I don't think the pics were too harsh, we do need to remember the sufferings of others and to pray for them. Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful carols.Happy Advent!