Monday, December 03, 2012

Norwegian Christmas hymns and carols # 3

Third day in Advent. Yesterday we lit the first candle and attended a Christmas concert in The Church of Our Saviour.
Norwegians gather in Advent to sing and listen to traditional Christmas hymns. The churches are filled up. I think it's wonderful. The power of genuine lyrics and familiar singing attract people all over the country.
This psalm is about the church bells chiming the Good News; Christ is born.
Kling no klokka is sung in various way to the same old folk tune.
The many choirs are inspired to find their tune.
Therefore I have willingly given you 2 different examples. Enjoy
I actually tried to post 3, but had to stop. The third simply would not appear.


Life and Breath and Everything Else said...


Amrita said...

Music certainly makes the season come alive. Thank you for sharing the carol. I also listene d to traditional carols and music today , but it make s me miss my family

Jada's Gigi said...

beautiful! I LOVE joining to sing the old carols and hymns! I would enjoy Christmas in your country. we are hard pressed to find caroling here...especially this early in the season.

Diane said...

I love them both! To me, music is such an integral part of the Christmas celebration. I also love that you gather in your churchs as a part of your tradition. Some traditions are just too amazing to ever consider changing!

Trish said...

Oh, how I love the traditions of your beautiful Norway, Felisol!
So wonderful! Big Hugs!

Terry said...

dear felisol...i love the voice of everyone singing so joyfully!
and the young voices too!
you know felisol..i am so thankful to god that there is christmas and there is least two times in the year god's gift to us of salvation cannot help but be heard...never will there be an excuse for any person saying that they were not loved and never will there be an excuse for not taking the gift!
i am so happy that you are bringing out the message dearest friend, just like you always do at least twice a year! terry