Monday, February 25, 2013

Early Spring Fleemarket

Some way Ukraine has become the country people in this region of Norway consider their responsibility. Several organizations and private persons gather money for our starving, freezing, poor neighbors. Nobody can help all, everybody can help one.  Fleemarkets are a poplar way of raising money.

mSerina and I went to a fleemarket this Saturday on a nearby island, Bokn. People there are famous for their collective spirit. They are mostly fishermen, oil rig workers or farmers, that means they are used to take responsibility for their neighbors in more than one way.

We are in between seasons. Ice in the salt sea, and flowers in the sunny hillsides.

There should be some red on the roofs, but I doubt you can spot them. I used my iPone cam on this trip.Three islands with bridges and two deep under water tunnels ( about 300 meeter below water) are  connecting our town southwards.

Houses for fisher boats and tourists by the shore.

Old, weatherbeaten roof.

Ancient civilization, a garden with an old pavilion, orchard and the first snowdrops.

 Serina resting after the "gold rush" .


The apex of the day, meeting the first snow drops of the year .

Home again displaying the catch of the day. A red latern, a vase, six trolls, a dozen books, Kosta Boda crystal, Pilgrim jewelry and other handy things for the home. Thank God; for the first meeting with the spring. 
Photo  © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher

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Gemma Wiseman said...

Fascinating little island with so many stories tucked away into these scenes! Enjoyed this journey!

Unknown said...

I really like your photos!! What a lovely little island.

Ralph said...

The red houses, sheds and businesses are so the classic seafaring islands and fishing ports all in northern climates - I suppose the red color so they were visible in the many foggy days. There is a timeless and enduring flavor to towns like this, and citizens that put neighborly service to the greater good of all. Something, alas, that the more urban dwellers have lost sight of. Beautiful pictures! said...

I NEVER get tired of your Norway pictures. The fishing boats is my favorite here tonight. I think all of my early stories from my mother began with fishing boats in one place or another, and it's what I loved about the hotel we stayed in in Tromso. You opened the window and looked right out to the fishing boats on the water. I could have stayed at that window for hours, just drinking it all in!

Karen said...

What a lovely series of shots!

Liz said...

Wonderful pics. I love the ruby lantern. Happy RT2.

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Liz (mcn)
Liz (mot)

Maria @ LSS said...

Beautiful series of shots.

Debbie Petras said...

I love seeing your Norway photos. And did you know that red is my favorite color? I love the red roofs. And I also have such a love for the water. I grew up living across the street from a canal that eventually led out to the ocean.


lina@womens perspectives said...

Enjoying your shots so much.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Wow lots of good finds!

Hopping here from Ruby Tuesday.
Ruby Cheers
Your comment is always appreciated.

Annie Jeffries said...

Lovely little village. This would be a place I would like to stay for a very long time.

I checked out Pilgram Jewelry and like the little floral designs. I see that is one that your found.

Also noticed the Stigg Larrson book. Which title is it?

Felisol said...

The Stig Larsson book is one of his trilogy, The Man who hated women.Due to lack of space I've stopped buying crime. When the mystery is solved they usually are not much fun. Stig Larsson is different, and the copy cost less than a dollar.I may have to buy the other two as well, even though I have read them.
My Dad used to say, "I'll buy books till I am seventy, then I'll read them over again." Well, he didn't stop, and now I've got a lot to deal with. Nevertheless I keep buying books, all kinds of books. Children's books, song books, cookery books, poetry, novels and history books, craft books, garden books....
The Pilgrim jewelry is Danish and I have quite a collection of the simple flower necklaces, rings e.t.c.
This one also cost me less than a dollar.
What a day.

Sue Seibert said...

All the photos are wonderful, but I especially love the snow drops. Happy early spring!

Amrita said...

The pictures are simply beautiful. Love all the beauty