Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My mother's old school, not so rubbish.

Not just any old school, but the Vestly School, which my mother attended from 1931 - 1934. It's been taken care of of voluntary members of the community, and reverently kept in original order.
My first cousins arranged a gathering there two years ago.

The classroom had two blackboards, one for learning sheet music, the other for writing and mathematics. There used to be an old piano. My mother took up playing the piano at the age of 70. She still remembered the codes from her childhood. Wall charts were daily used in lack of advanced books.

Wall chart illustrating the stone age in Norway.

I guess my Mother sat and looked dreaming out on the beautiful Jaer-scenery by this  desk.

Until the doors opened and they were free to leave for the day.

My mother outside Vestly School ca. 1932, first row, number two from the left.

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Rose said...

Oh, what a treasure to have kept...I wish my old school would have been kept like it was. Really loved seeing these pics.

steveroni said...

To view former ages of our ancestry is an experience seldom allowed. This is fabulous.

Hey all those children--not ONE is sporting a happy face. Well, it might have been cold out there!

Crown of Beauty said...

Beautifully kept, after all these years. Beautiful memories go with the walls, the tables, the doors...

Sola Scriptura said...

It's fantastic that this schoolhouse has been kept in such a way as it is like going back in time! What a treasure to have the photo of your mother as a youngster. Thanks for sharing with us.

Roan said...

You are so lucky to be able to visit a school your mother attended. All of the old schools around here are gone. It is in great condition, too. Thank you for joining my party!

Felisol said...

Steve E. I remember asking my mother why this expression, were you really that serious? She told me that the picture was taken outdoors and the photographer ordered the children to have their faces turned towards the sun. It is not easy to hold position for a long time while sitting absolutely motionless. The coumtry "artist"used glass plates and not film to make his picture.

Mrs. Mac said...

If 'walls could talk' .. they'd have lots of youthful stories.

Terry said...

dear felisol..i could not even read your blog with the way my computer was i have gotten rid of goolge chrome and changed to fire fox, i am now able to open your blog..

this post here brings back so many good memories to me when i went to public i can imagine your dear mother enjoying her school day and then her after school day outside in the beuatiful warm sunshine rich we were even us in our school days...i don't know about norway but the canadian children don't have the joy of after four a days after school, they must hurry ro jobs to earn money to save for our days college and university were paid for by the government...i am glad that your mom learned to play the sweet she must of played and your dad would of loved to listen to to his ears!.
i taught mom golden for few years and then gracie taught her some and mom golden turned out to be quite the player!
i love the black board in your mom's class and the warm wooden desks felisol....certainly for sure nothing was junk! i!...and the bestest picture i like here is the window that mom ljung and her fellow student friends would look out of., waiting for the freedom of after school hours! terry