Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Psalm 27:5 For He concealeth me in His pavilion in the day of evil.

I just heard on the radio,a pair of Norwegian missionaries in Japan are welcoming refugees in their church. "We have food and water supplies, but there is no gas stations in many hours radius. We can provide house and shelter for those who are worse off than us. I fetched my husband on the airport today, and brought him with me back to the church", the missionary said, "I feel safe here in the shadow of my Father's wings."

I feel ashamed being so scared miles and miles away.
I'm still praying though, and will not stop doing so.


Amrita said...

Your picture and report is so inspiring and timely. I also read reports from Christian workers in Japan.

Japan needs help - BBC said 91 countries have pffered help and aid. India is sending blankets etc.

And there are heroes like your friends who are on ground zero - reaching out.

Mrs. Mac said...

Hero missionaries indeed .. and yet they probably don't consider themselves heroes .. just HIS servants. You're not the only one in 'fear' .. that is far away .. I was thinking about what fallout might descend upon my garden soil and ruin it. Ashamed to say that ..

May God's hand help to heal this deep wound upon Japan and His earth.

Diane said...

It is truly a tragic situation. So very many people are suffering in ways I can but imagine. Watching the news is heart wrenching to me. As with others, I must confess that I have had those selfish thoughts about my own safety, or that of family members and friends who are nearer than I. My prayers go up throughout my day and will continue to do so.

Many hugs........


John Cowart said...

The hymn that runs through my mind comes from your general neck of the woods:

A Mighty Fortress is our God
A Bulwark never failing
Our shelter from the stormy blast,
And our eternal home.


John Cowart said...

Hi Again,

So here it is three hours after I commented, and I just realized that I quoted the first line of one song with the last line of another!

I prize myself on Accuraracy . Sorry in made this mistake. My mind doesn't need an earthquake to be debris cluttered.