Monday, March 14, 2011


Some times, when life seems just too bad, like what is happening in Japan these day, I simply have to turn my mind and eyes away from the marring horrors, and polish good memories. They are a part of life too!

Our second day in London bro Kel and I bought Oyester cards for the Subway and out we went, not to buy pizza though.

I prefer the Subway to the intricate forest paths in Norway.
Bro was looking for CD's and had old connections up in Notting Hill.

We didn't walk very long due lousy physical conditions for both of us.
The small colorful shops in Portobello Road are mostly for tourists.
This traveler sure had confidence in the Londoners.

Flowers and spring in London, while snow cowered most of Norway. We were thrilled.

Ruby Tuesday
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Debbie Petras said...

Felisol, how lovely were your London photos. I've visited this city several times and loved it each time. So much history! How wonderful that you are spending time with your brother here.

Thank you for all your kind comments on Heart Choices. I am very thankful for your friendship.


Crown of Beauty said...

The pictures you took of London are lovely. Makes me wish I were there too ... such quaint shops! You really should consider compiling your photos into a book. It is a work of art.


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

for whom do you wait

Forlorn Flowerpot

Marites said...

I really like your photos..they tell a story. I could not help but smile at the open bag by the street. The owner has such confidence! have a good week and you're right, sometimes we need to focus on good things to handle the bad things like the Japan earthquake and tsunami. Thanks for reminding me that. have a good week!

Leora said...

Looks like a delightful trip, Felisol.

Carletta said...

Thanks for taking us along on this stroll through London. My old knees never let me stroll very long so it's nice being a virtual tourist with you from the comfort of my chair. :)
I love those colorful quaint storefronts.

Good times are a part of life as you said; but sadly so are the terrible times we have to accept as in Japan. My thoughts and prayers are with them as they endure the hard and sorrowful time they have been dealt.

Kim, USA said...

Love your photos. I could imagine my cousins who live in London browsing those places too. Happy Monday!
Ruby Tuesday

Diane said...

Beautiful pictures of London! Have never been there but really think I would like it. I could spend hours in those tourist shops!! He, he!!!!

Many hugs..........


Robin said...

Yes, sometimes all you can do is look for the bright spots.

Love the pizza car ;).

My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

nonizamboni said...

Wonderful London street scenes with so many bits of red [and springtime] Thanks for taking me along.

Mirage said...

I love those colorful shops....Portobelle seems a lovely place...will list it down on places to visit. Thanks for the virtual our and glad you enjoy!

Saija said...

WONDERFUL pics! so glad you got to have a vacation (as i was vacationing too!) ... and yes, the poor folks in Japan ... and everything else going on in our world ... as i said on my blog, i'm glad that we can rest in the Lord despite earthly cares ...

Amrita said...

Gorgeous photos Felisol, enjoyed your walk through this magnificient city.

I am so glad you enjoyed your time with Bro Kel and were away from the extreme cold.

The London subways are so efficiewnt- my sis has been on them. You can buy a whole day ticket too.

IMRIZ said...

it's good to see london without rain. i love the splashes of colors. reminds me of summer here in asia ^_^

im your newest follower:)

Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

Hello, visiting you here. I want to visit London someday. London is a beautiful place and so is that cute red car.