Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Dearest Terry

Sometimes I'm proud to be a Norwegian. When we win medals in sports nobody outside Scandinavia never have heard about, like Nordic skiing, Nordic walking e.t.c., wow, then I wave our flag and sing.
When Posten Norge, the Norwegian Postal system, cannot read the international 7 number, but send my package around the country, and instead of excusing themselves, persist on me commanding the rest of the civilized world to write seven with a bar on, then I feel ashamed.
The old julenisse mentality, believing that little Norway is the belly button of the world.
So terribly embarrassing. My best friend Terry paying over 33 dollars to send a package by air, and Posten Norge making a mess of it anyway.
If they just had taken time to read how the 1 number and the seven number were written, they couldn't have missed at all. Oh, no, they just rally on; your fault, your fault.
And yes, I have made this blog, not to honor my bestest, but to belittle Posten Norge. A package sent by airmail from Canada March 25th, arrives my postbox April 6th, that is a shame. I'm so sorry on behalf of my country, dear Terry.

Then a big bear hug to Mom and dad Golden for the adorable picture. I've hung them on my Yeti fridge among my closest family and friends.

My warmest thanks to Terry and Bernie who went to so much trouble to send this heartwarming package to me. Here's a card for my mother, and a long letter where Terry has copied her blog post about Monten. I know she will be so glad and proud to show this to friends and family in Sauda.

Six romantic DVDs were showered over me. Something good to watch and sweeten life, curling up in the sofa with some chocolate and a hot cuppa, when the days are not so good.
Terry, you know what an old lady needs.
The beautiful card must be stored among my Terry treasures. No wonder she has a large twin chamber in my heart. As do my prayerchild Dad Golden. Golden thanks to all of you from Felisol/Norway


Crown of Beauty said...

This is just so sweet of Terry... the ever thoughtful one. I am rejoicing in the friendship that you and Terry have, and which of course, all of us share as well.

Best best regards and warm love to your mom in Sauda.

Enjoy the DVDs!


Amrita said...

So happy Terry 's parecl arrived safely at your doorstep.

Enjoy the lovely music and pictures.

Its so good to be a part of God 's family

Felisol said...

The 6 romantic DVDs were a gift from Dad Golden, my prayerchild.
Oh, it made my heart melt like butter. Isn't he the sweetest?

Colleen said...

Felisol, what a beautiful gift and a heartwarming package to receive! It just brightens the day doesn't it? I hope you enjoy them very much my dear friend!

P.S. Don't worry about Norwegian Post, I have had my share of complaints about Canada post as well at times.;)

Terry said...

dear felisol...i just saw this now and we are at dad and mom goldens.
he always asks me when bernie and i come. "what is norway up to?"
and so i came and so i saw the lovely princess serina and so i saw this post...
you know felisol, i have always admired the way norway prints their 7's....i really do!
and colleen is sure right!...about canada post...sometimes it is a terrible tell you the truth, i thought that they did better this time!
i am so waiting to see how you like these videos...i love them and i love the books that jeanette okes wrote...she left earth for heaven a couple of years ago...heaven's gain and the worlds loss!
give your mom a hug when you see her the next time, eh?
your family is our family! terry

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
I hope Dad Golden has read the mail I wrote especially for him.
Hugs Felisol

David Warren Fisher said...

Dear Felisol:
So good to check out your blog and see that dear Terry sent you a care package...because she cares. We all do!

I miss our Pilgrim Pals posts. Maybe we will get back to it soon.

Please know that you are loved by all the pals.

Keep looking to Jesus.


P. S. I just posted two new things on

Annie Jeffries said...

Oh my! You can bet your life I will not forget the crossbar on my seven the next time I write to you. LOL