Saturday, June 11, 2011

Blonde Midsummer Midnight

This picture was taken after midnight just a few days ago.
Gunnar and I had been staying with my mother for awhile and were on our way back home as my brother came to stay with Mom.
We were exhausted, and when the crib is empty, the horses bite.

Luckily we stopped at a gas station for some fast relief food, and suddenly we became aware of the other reality, the wonderful, so very young and alive summer night around us.
We jumped out of the car for some photo shoots and I was allowed to capture some of the Nordic magic for some split seconds.
My inner gas tank was refuelled.

This morning I woke far to early to do anything useful.
I decided to look up my dear blog friends, one after another.
Now my soul and heart are refuelled too. Seldom have I read so much good, "written just for me". Thanks for being out there, dear friends, for pouring out of your inner riches. It's like sending bread on the water. This morning I have had a heavenly meal.


Debbie Petras said...

Such a beautiful inspiring photo this is Felisol. I'm so glad you stopped to get refreshed with food and fuel. But I'm even happier to see your Spirit was also refreshed. Sometimes it's so good to simply look around at the beauty of creation and know that God is so good. And like you, all I have to do is visit some of my blogging friends and I'm refreshed and encouraged. I'm thankful for you! And I get to see a little bit of my ancestors home through your blog. I love that.

Love you,

myletterstoemily said...

it is on my bucket list to visit your beautiful
nordic summer nights. i am reading a book
by stephen lawhead who adores your
heritage and reveals it so lovingly.

thank you for the gorgeous photo and
sweet refreshment.

Mrs. Mac said...

If only my pc would open the picture .. but alas, I shall have to 'see' if only through the magic of your words. I do hope nothing serious is up with your mom .. and that it was just a friendly family visit. She is quite a capable person and inspires me to this day.

I'm delighted you find joy in the hand treatments sent to you :) Let me know if you need any refills.

Have a blessed Lord's Day!

Felisol said...

Dear Mr. Mac,
Thanks for caring.
My Mom actually isn't that well these days. Low pulse has made her dizzy,(I talking low; 40 -50 pr. minute) and she had a nasty fall on the bathroom three weeks ago.
(She didn't tell me until sevral days after. She has been x-rayed two times. They find old breakages, two in her ribs and two compression fractures in her spine, but no new ones, they say.
My Mom is in great pains, and I assure you, she doesn't complain without reason.
So we take turns looking after her, she also has a wonderful support contact in Sauda.
She has been offered short time place at a nursing home, but she has declined. I will not put her under pressure. She is lucky at home, even when hurting.
She has even crawled out in her garden to gather flowers for her livingroom.
I'll send her you reguards.
Somehow she doesn't understand how special she is, but we, her family do.

Amrita said...

Wow this is magical, so unique to Norway.

Its such an atmospheric photo Felisol

Terry said...

dearest friend..i sure do hope that you didn't mind me "borrowing" this fantastic picture and transporting it over to my own blog...i wanted to make a point as to how lovely norway really is and how lovely their night skies really are!
love terry