Friday, June 10, 2011

My baby forever

This is me 38, baby Serina 4 months.
We're standing in the doorway to my mother's kitchen a hot day in June.
Serina was seen and loved, chosen,
even before she was born.
I found it scary to be a Mom.
To do all the right things.
Make all the right decisions.
She was so small, so fragile.
It's even more difficult now.
In this moment she's up for her final exams.
All I can do is pray.

That should actually be enough.


Amrita said...

Serina is the prec ious treasure of your family and how tightly you are holding on to her. This is a very natural photo - mother and daughter embracing each other. Such moments are priceless

Maria Stahl said...

I keep hoping it will get easier. :) This is a dear picture and I'm glad it was saved.

And I hope Serina's exams go swimmingly.

Crown of Beauty said...

Lovely photo, and the words of your post go very deep.

Yes, dear Felisol... all we can do is pray, and trust completely that our Father in heaven is the King seated on the throne...

Serina is a lovely baby, and you have done very well as a mom.

Lidj said...

Oh I do understand this! We thought when they were tiny that the problems of raising them were scary. The older they get the 'bigger' the needs to pray about. Things like Serina's final exams, then the right job, the right friends, dating, and on and on...

And then as we look back, we realize that these prayers and the years that have gone by are the very things that have given our lives meaning and purpose, and that we have learned more and more about trusting God with those we love the most. So it's a teaching and learning curve the whole way through! And I am not always the quickest learner!

Serina is so blessed, she is loved deeply! Tell her that I am praying for her final exams too.


Felisol said...

Dear Sisters,
You are so right.
Serina made it through her final exams, and I've got wings for the time being.
Till next worry comes. They never end, they aren't supposed to. How should I else bring so much necessary time on bended knees.

Mrs. Mac said...

It is good to be on bended knees for our children .. even when they are adults. You do look very young in the photo and Serina your prize possession! She has her mama and dad wrapped around her little finger and rightly so. It's a good relationship .. but hard as she sprouts her wings.

I cannot fathom raising children without faith in the Living God.

Terry said...

dear felisol...i think that you did do all the right things and you and gunnar made the right descisions,
serina was small and oh so fragile but i think she still is...after all she is a princess, isn't she?
wow though even though she is so small and oh so fragile, she has grown into a lovely young lady and of this the lord does not think that it is wrong for you to be proud!!!love terry

ps were a little princess yourself in this wonder that gunnar fell head over heels in love with you!

ps 2....she WILL pass her grades!...but keep praying!!

David C Brown said...

It gets scarier as it goes on! but we can always commit them to the Lord.