Sunday, November 26, 2006


Because of my ME, I have to be choosy when deciding whom or what to share my time with.
I've made up an access denied list:
1. Reading Sophie's World, The Da Vincie Code, Harry Potter, Tolkien (anything) or The Half Brother(sorry, Saabye Christensen, I've tried twice, the novel is booooring).
2. Give another go if I fail reloading the blogs written in November -06.
3. Working for free for millionaires. ("You can always send in a story to my magazine if you like to!")
4. Allowing my daughter work weeks after school, writing a karate play in English, directing the same play, making costumes for the play, rehearsing and acting, and not even getting credited for her free work. Shame on you, Alf Ronny!
5. Be over eager reaching out to help "people in need". They always spit on me when they've gotten what they were after....And then come back for more.
6. The worst thing of all, become bitter and unforgiving.
I'll have to use my brain eraser, forget and go on.

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