Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I had planned more pictures here, but a sicko
visited my blog yesterday.He will not find more
for his twisted mind at this place.

I don't know how much children really care about Christmas decorations. I know families who don't even have a Santa.
The children are fine all the same.
Gifts do count for a lot,
they sure do.
Funny to see the youngest, most enchanted by the wrapping.
What lingers on in the grown ups golden memories of Christmas,the togetherness; time to eat elaborate meals, hundreds of stories
told by grandad and dad, while the women were doing the washing up(sic!) and before opening of the gifts, the laughs, the play, the games, and song and dance around the Christmas tree; diamonds that do not fade.

My birthday is in December.
Once, when Serina was a only a third grader, I invited my friends with children for a julenisse birthday party.
That was a party to remember, even today.

1. I traveled over land and sea,
I met an old man, he met me.
He talked of this, he talked of that:
He asked, "Where is your homeland?"
My home, it is in Clappingland,
Clappingland, clappingland.
And everyone who's clapping, can
All belong to Clappingland.

2. I traveled over land and sea,
I met an old man, he met me.
He talked of this, he talked of that:
He asked, "Where is your homeland?"
My home, it is in Pointingland,
Pointingland, Pointingland.
And everyone who's pointing, can
All belong to Pointingland.


Movement: This is a song the children love! form a circle around the tree. While holding hands, romp around the tree to the rhythm of the music, and follow the directions of each verse. You can add as many verses as you wish to create; for example: Stamping Land, Laughing Land, Jumping Land, etc. At the beginning of each new verse, everyone holds hands and the circle moves in the opposite direction of the previous verse.

Danish children singing in church


Debbie Petras said...

I love children! To see them sing, laugh, clap and dance is such a wonderful sight. BTW, I posted a few pictures of my home at Christmas on a post I wrote yesterday. I don't know if I spelled a few Norwegian words right though. I still have to find some pictures of Christmases when I was growing up because my parents had so many Norwegian decorations.

Sorry to hear of the wierdo. There are times!

Mrs. Mac said...

Another delightful post of memories dear Felisol. You have given your friends such a national history lesson for your fine Norway. Thanks again for sharing your post. Hugs from the North Woods,

Anonymous said...

Beautiful outfit !

Felisol said...

Dear Debbie,
I agree. At Christmas we celebrate the birth of baby Christ. Who can better celebrate with an honest and open heart than children.
I'll pop over and admire your posts. The last days are always kind of busy.

And yepp, adults with a so wrong attitude make me foaming mad.

Dear Mrs. Mac,
I am flattered that you find something read worthy in my posts.
I've had this idea of writing an Advent post a day this year.
I've got richly material.

Hi Hildegard,
the outfit was composed by grabbing what was at hand. A tablecloth on my head, another over my shoulders..
We had lots of fun though.
From Felisol

Raven said...

You have way more fun in church than I ever did! This is so sweet. The holidays do offer such a rang of joys and memories. I remember my nephew as a toddler playing with the box his toys (soft blocks) came in while the adults (this was rare for my family) were boisterously throwing the blocks back and forth across the room. It's one of my favorite holiday memories. If your stories are any example, I'd say Norwegians really get into the joy and celebration of the season. Unfortunately, it's more about shopping and opening presents here than all the rich advent traditions you are sharing.