Thursday, December 18, 2008


Christmas curtains sewn by my Mom.
Don't they hang here always hubby asked, when I asked him if he spotted something new.
Children's Christmas craft shop. Nisseladies made from egg-carton.

Five days to go, one birthday and one long and winding road away from Christmas.
These are days for the Advent panic.
I should have baked, bought flowers for ten elderly, controlled the lists with people we are in gift- relation with. The snail mail. The e-mail. The newspaper guy. At least the main things are done. Food for Christmas is ordered, the important presents are in box, 15 cards sent today (used to be 50),our home is decorated, we've been to the graves with lights, lamps and wreathes.
Gunnar and his sister like to sing at the graves of their parents, sister and granddad. It's actually quite moving.

The Advent orange has only five cloves left, (oh, yes, one more Advent tradition from the seventies.)
I made this angle for my Dad some years ago. He had to spend Christmas in hospital for his seventh hip surgery. Gunnar went down late the little Christmas Eve (Dec. 23rd). He tip toed into the room where my dad was lying, and hung the angle over his bed on the steel bow holding Dad's foot.
Brother Ole says this is not a real angle. Angles are created, not born, therefor they have no bellybutton.
The days are growing steadily shorter.
People gather indoors. For adult Christmas Table, which mostly is about eating and getting drunk.
Children and youth groups of various kinds have made shows for their family to come and watch.
That's what I like the best.There are churches, schools, sports halls, even outdoor performances.
I've followed them all with undivided joy..


John Cowart said...

Your Christmas traditions and preparations are so much more elaborate than anything we do; thanks for sharing them with us.

Christmas curtains???

Mrs. Mac said...

How special to have a Christmas curtain made by your mom. Your children's craft is simple enough ... any craft made from recycled egg cartons I can handle. The details though ... little bowls with 'food' and such, must take some time. Today our area is still on a snow day. Mr. Mac has to go to work but will be taking my 4 wheel drive truck. That leaves me at home to stay cozy and warm. When I watched the Christmas special a few nights ago with segments from Norway, it was nice to see all of people's loved ones graves so nicely remembered and decorated with greenery and candles. Very touching.

We have yet to order buy our Christmas dinner ... hoping to get out on Monday for some nice tri-tip (beef roast) and everything else needed for the special feast. Thanks for sharing another peek into your home.


Mrs. Mac said...
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Felisol said...

Dear John C,
My Mom has actually made me three set of Christmas Curtains. The ones I hung up this year is made from fabric with Rafael's angles on them.
I also have some crotchet ones and some made of canvas with block printed nisser. (my Mom being the printer.)
The tradition were to wash the house from attic to basement twice a year. By washing roofs, windows, carpets the whole shebang were cleansed. New curtains hung up all over the house.
The same procedure in spring. Now with the use and throw mentality, people tend to let their curtains hang until it's time to buy new ones. The Christmas curtains are just up for a month.

Dear Mrs. Mac,
I made the egg carton nisse when working in a kindergarten in the seventies. Those were also days of recycling...Rice and white glue made nisse porridge.
Norwegians eat rice porridge Christmas Eve.
Our family has converted it to rice cream with cloud-berries.

The thing is; a scolded almond is hidden in the dessert bowl. The lucky finder of the almond get a price, a solid pig made of marzipan.
Quite funny when everyone tries to conceal if or if not they have found the almond.
This are a common custom all over Norway.
Good that Mr. Mac has a 4 wheel truck in arctic weather.
The roads are both slippery and the snow can heap up and make a rough ride out of it.
Norwegians have to change for winter tires from Nov. 1st.
If they have an accident and have summer tires on, insurance will not cover it. With our three cars, there's a whole stable of tires involved..

From Felisol

Amrita said...

Really love reading about your unique traditions., and mwmories, thses make the celebration meaning rather than just being commercial like the world does.

The angel is very cute.
You should have am exhibition of nisse, they are so cute

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
Isn't it wonderful that we can exchange information about traditions and everyday life.
I feel I'm learning something new every time I'm visiting your blog.

In four days I'll have fulfilled my goal about blogging once a day in Advent.
It has been a rich time.
From Felisol

Raven said...

Anyone who says that isn't a real angel just doesn't know what he's talking about. What a wonderful angel she is! I loved the video too. There's such joy and fun in it and I especially enjoyed the little toddler who was doing her own thing much of the time. I know I'm going through the days backwards but I feel like you are giving me Christmas with your posts and all the warmth and humor of Norway's customs as well.