Monday, December 15, 2008


Mary's Boychild in Sauda.
Growing up in a little town where you divided in being Saved or not Saved was not easy. For the parent generation there were so many sins and "you must
The threshold to the church became intolerable high.
Till we got this very sensible ad courageous minister, Idsoe. He also taught religion in gymnasium and got the whole school reevaluated their prejudices and way of relate to both Jesus and the church.

About 1970 my brother and I had both finished school and left our hometown for further education.
When we returned for Christmas Holidays there was this
buzzing in town.
The Eidsvaag boy had been allowed to bring drums and el-guitars in the church. His sister was to be lead singer
while he conducted the ten-sing choir.
The congregation board had been in riot, but the
minister had after tough confrontations managed to pull his will through. The band was welcomed.
We were a bit late that evening, had to go 2,5 kilometers in the dark night, no car, no bus.
We never came longer than the shield-house (The entrance were all weapons must be delivered before entering the church. Young people for the first time
filled the old church to the brim and over. They stood along the aisle, filled the balcony and sat in the stairs up to the balcony.
The air was vibrant. Applause was unheard of in churches those days. The song was to honor God and him alone. When the band and choir finished the most moving concert I've ever attended, singing Mary's Boychild, the audience could not keep still anymore.
I could not hold my tears back.
In fact I cannot do it, when writing now, 40 years after.

I finally felt home, felt welcomed, in spite of my taste in music, with my way of dressing, make up, my hair, my books, my thoughts; it was me; becoming a whole again.
I thing I never really lost my faith in Jesus, just found a lot of the old extra man made rules very difficult.
Churches and congregations may still be a problem, but
since that concert I know I have a spiritual home with a place for me. The high-lofted, embracing Church of Norway.
Ladies and Gentlemen , I give you Mary's Boychild sung by the very best.
None of the pictures made by me.


John Cowart said...

"The shield-house (The entrance were all weapons must be delivered before entering the church".

You always introduce me to new things I'd never heard of before.

Yes, the tension between what is of Christ and what is just a matter of social culture wracks congregations over here too. I try to attend to the true fundamentals of my faith and not get bogged down in cultural stuff.

I have a hard enough time keeping me straight without judging others.

donna said...

Dearest Felisol...I have tried and tried so many times to visit you and every time my computer locks up and so I gave up in frustration ....but tonight it did not lock up ...and what a blessing!!! to listen to the beautiful sining of this song....

thank you Lord

Felisol said...

Dear John C,
While you were writing to me, I was writing about your very straightforward and touching Christmas box video over at the Pilgrim Pals.
I don't believe in coincidences.
I believe in contact

Dear Donna,
you have brought me so many blessings throughout the years.
Nice seeing you.
From Felisol

Mrs. Mac said...

I'm at a 'new place' in life. I go to church when I can, but with Nathan in hand. Making only one acquaintance (family) ... but the perfect family I think. Being in church ... but somehow apart ... has given me the freedom to choose local charities to give my offerings to. Before my offerings were always sent to foreign lands ... but now the way we attend church and the way we feel led to offer allows us to give to local needy families in our community. With the recession and people out of work, it's what's needed for now.

It was similar over here during the 1970's with the young people coming alive in Christ in churches. Some older people didn't like the change of music style, but it was needed to get more in touch with the younger generation.


P.s. that is my all time favorite Christmas song. I weep when I hear it.

Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
How nice that you have found the right church for you and your family.
I sure hope the welcome Nathan as the valuable member of our society he is.
The world would be a colder and darker place without Nathan and his kinsmen to brighten our lives and putting choices and values in right perspective.

About offerings; I think God always manage to use the offer. The need is huge and the givers so few.
Mary's Boychild will always hace this special place in my heart.
From Felisol

Jim said...

Hi Felisol -- I sure am glad that Serina is home for these three weeks. You two can catch up with a lot during that time.

My computer came right up on your blog too. I think you changed to the better, before mine would lock up or take forever to come up as well.

Finally, I do like that song. Someone will sing that at least once a year at Christmas time in our church. Our radio stations play it too. Thank you.

Jim said...

I forgot to say, I have three Fords (1950, 1974, and 1998) and two Cadillacs (1999 and 2006) and the golf cart. The '99 Cad is going to go very soon.

Felisol said...

Dear Jim,
I would like to meet your Ford 1950!
I took your advices ad notam and tried to control my overdoing energy.
I'll stick to itunes when I want music.
Even managed to control the post numbers on my own.
Now reduced from 500 to 30.

I respectfully thank you.
Might that also result into a peek in your garage?
From Felisol

Amrita said...

I ama fan ofharry Belafonte.
This song is ageless.

I alsp appluad Pastor Idsoe for standing up for young people.I have also grown up in a very strict church. But now things are much more relaxed.

Your Sauda church is very beautiful.

A sheild house...what kind of wapons did people carry?you mean like hand guns and knives?

Amrita said...

I ama fan ofharry Belafonte.
This song is ageless.

I alsp appluad Pastor Idsoe for standing up for young people.I have also grown up in a very strict church. But now things are much more relaxed.

Your Sauda church is very beautiful.

A sheild house...what kind of wapons did people carry?you mean like hand guns and knives?

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
though we come from the ends of the earth, our background and youth experiences seem to be much the same.
Guess that is who we can understand each other so well.

Shield house is a name from the days when people could not travel to church unarmed.
Swords, shields, spears, bow and arrow were commonly used from about year 1000. A man should feel safe in church.
Even so both English, Irish and Norwegian sagas tell about mighty people killed in front of the altar.
Now the weapon house is more used for a wardrobe, umbrellas, collect offerings etc.
Every part of the church has names.
Maybe I should look for a church plan and write something about it some day.
From Felisol

Sue Seibert said...

Thanks, Elise, for the insights into your church, then and now. The inside of the church is absolutely beautiful, too.

Is the Church of Norway Protestant?

Felisol said...

Dear Sioux Sue,
Thanks for kind words.
The Church of Norway is a Lutheran Protestant Church. 82,6 % of the Norwegian population are members of the Church of Norway.
It's ministers and clergymen are employed by the government. The church buildings are also public property. There are also Free congregations, of which the Pentecost Church and The Catholic
Church are the greatest. I have no statistic at hand, but I recon that just in our area are 20 different protestant churches.
They all receive money from the government, figured out in relation to number of members.

Even this Christmas kindergartens and schools up to senior high go gather in church before Christmas.
I guess it's only a question of time before that custom is ended.
A group of non-believers called Human ethic league works hard against all "public" Christianity.

They are a sad bunch. Handing out ear plugs to the children before they go to church!

No one is automatic a member of the Church of Norway. Christening and at 15 confirmation are all voluntarily.
Nevertheless people keep coming, as they keep filling the churches in December.
From Felisol

Debbie Petras said...

God's grace is so awesome! He created each of us so uniquely with different gifts and abilities. And He loves each of us. I am sometimes overwhelmed by that.

I'm so glad Felisol to read how you so enjoyed that church service. My parents were raised in a very legalistic church with all the rules like no makeup, movies, etc. They rebelled and for some years didn't go to church. Later, they found another church that offered more of God's grace and less rules and they felt at home.

I believe that doctrine is so important about salvation being a gift of God's grace. As I yield to His authority, then I can't help but allow Him to live through me. I'm amazed that He would do so but I thankfully accept that gift.

Judith said...

Dear Felisol Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and leave your comment. Like many of the other commenters this is one of my favourite Christmas song and the youtube pictures are sensational. Judith

Felisol said...

Dear Debbie,
We've got a lot in common, I think.
I was lucky to have parents challenging me to find my own way instead of thoughtlessly follow.
In fact I once, at the age of 6 asked my Dad if only people from the Pentecostal Church came to heaven.
I never till this day forgot his answer, mildly, thorough and wise.
He taught me about the "amazing" grace", about the calling of Christ, and the individual's responsibility to answer and about the judgment belonging to the Lord.
He did not always understand my decisions, but at the end of the day he was supportive and respected my choices.

I actually don't know where I'd be without him.

Dear Judith,
thank you for returning my visit.
Hope we'll meet again.
From Felisol